50 years Jaquart Champagne / Reims / France

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50 years Jaquart (2014).

My day at the headquarter of JAQUART in Reims.


Life is a journey, enjoy life to the full eg. with a glass of champagne of Jaquart.
Take a look at the history and expertise of a great brand.

It isn’t every day that a group of winegrowers decide to create an international brand…
The Jacquart story is a history of the Champagne growers’ efforts to control their own destiny rather than relying on the big Grande Marque houses as a route to market. In the early 1960s, a small group of growers realised that in order to build their own businesses in a sustainable way, they needed to launch their own Champagne instead of supplying grapes to the negociant middlemen or directly to the Grande Marques. The Champagne Jacquart brand was subsequently released for the first time in 1962 and the ‘Mosaïque’ label chosen to represent the patchwork of grower families across the region, all joined together with a common vision. The aim of these visionary winegrowers was to offer champagne lovers a brand that was born in the vineyard, not the boardroom.

As Champagne Jacquart has grown in reputation, the grower families have benefited directly and over the years many more growers have joined the cause, so that today Champagne Jacquart enjoys an unsurpassed access to the best vineyards from across the region. This ability to choose only the best grapes for the Mosaïque label is the secret to Jacquart’s success. Champagne Jacquart aims to deliver the best quality with exceptional value-for-money and is constantly developing and improving, with particular emphasis on their vineyards, presses and production facilities.

The home of Champagne Jacquart is the stunning Hôtel du Brimont in Reims, situated on the Boulevard Lundy in between Krug and Roederer. This 19th century Art Nouveau listed building has been completely renovated and is the first step in re-developing the entire Jacquart brand, positioning and packaging.

Since 1962, with endless drive and dedication, Champagne JACQUART has worked to become one of the world’s leading champagne brands.
The brand was initiated by a group of visionary winegrowers who decided to offer champagne lovers a brand that is born in the vineyard, not in the boardroom.
The commitment and dedication of the growers who established JACQUART fifty years ago still remain the cornerstones of the brand today.

The group now represents one of the largest sources of grapes in the entire Champagne region, covering some 2,400 hectares (roughly 7% of the surface area in the AOC / appellation). Champagne JACQUART has access to a diverse and plentiful supply of quality grapes, and vinification sites in key areas of the AOC, meaning that JACQUART‘s winemakers are able to choose and blend wines that reflect the character of the different terroirs, producing cuvées with distinctive style and personality.

A fine and joyful experience JAQUART Blanc de Blancs.

Take a look and enjoy a glass of champagne and the beautiful headquarter in Reims.

Jacquart Champagne

Living in style.

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