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Bali 2012 Contributed by Jens Hoffmann

I was looking for something different, relaxation and revitalization.

Finally we ended again in Bali, Indonesia.
Alila Villas Soori on the southwest coast of Bali is a definition of paradise.
Located near the island’s famed Tanah Lot Temple, the luxurious beachfront resort leads you to depths of relaxation you never knew existed.

Everyone knows Bali and the island, the province covers a few small neighbouring islands as well as the island of Bali itself.It has changed his face during the last years but it is still magic.
Balinese culture was strongly influenced by Indian, Chinese, and particularly Hindu culture.
The Hindu Empire on eastern Java founded a Balinese colony when the empire declined, there was an exodus of intellectuals, artists, priests, and musicians from Java to Bali.
Thats where you find Soori. Nestled between lush rice fields and glistening volcanic black sands lapped by the Indian Ocean, these luxury villas in Bali fully integrate the beach experience in its vibrant mix of spaces.

If you need a body and mind vacation, check in here where they really know how to do luxury relaxation well. Alila set trends and understand design; thats why some of the most luxurious resorts are on Bali. Thats probably as well the reason of the huge amount of media coverage of the two Alila Villas properties — Alila Villas Soori and Alila Villas Uluwatu.
The perfectly calibrated balance of tranquillity and work out, that is so Bali, does a fine job of soothing and stimulating the senses.
Our tip: start at Alila Villas Soori to rest off and get used to being relaxed. Then head to Central Bali’s Ubud. Ubud is a must for the traditional and modern dance, sculpture, painting, leather, metalworking, music, bike tours, tennis and rafting experiences.

We would recommend to go back to Soori to continue your blissful vegging.

Bali is the whole year fantastic, but the best travel period for this region is from August to October when the weather is absolutely perfect.
Tip: skipping South Bali’s Seminyak and Kuta Bali, although that is where all the restaurants and bars are located. If you do go, enjoy dinner or lunch at the Fire Restaurant at W Hotel Bali or Sarong Restaurant or Metis Restaurant and experience the incredible massage services at Jari Menari the home base of many of the massage therapists that work at the resorts as well.

The Alila Villas Soori is located 2h away from from the Ngurah Rai International Airport.

When you book with Soori, they will confirm your stay, it includes everything from what kind of food you like, what kind of music you would enjoy in your room to what experiences you would like to include in your stay.

So, come over and enjoy its worth it.

Alilahotels / Soori
Photo: Sunset by Bernd Kolb

Living in style.

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