Selected holistic breaks in Bhutan

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Joyful days in the Buddhist Country of Bhutan.

Contributed by Tom Schneider.

The Buddhist Country of Bhutan is a magic destination and very rich in culture.

In the Uma – Hotel Como guests are able to experience the magic of Bhutan and the Como is a true legend. It offers excellent service and a spiritual aura in the land of thunder dragon.

We stayed in the villas, which come with a butler and private spa room.

A bit snobby, yes indeed but the service was impeccable, fine dining & food incredible.

The cuisine is a tribute to the delicacies of Bhutan, a few top-quality chefs in the resto come Bangkok and Bali. It brings every guest the closer to the country, it is located in one of the country’s most important regions; in Paro Valley, close to many of Bhutan’s great cultural landmarks.

The rooms, suites and private villas are conceived as intimate, luxury retreats to be enjoyed after a day’s cultural activities and adventure pursuits, from Himalayan trekking to archery and white-water rafting.

We raved about the spa treatments. The asian inspired therapies were developed by Shambala Tereat and included ayurveda massages, hot stone bath and a yoga studio, this is really a unique destination and holistic hotel.
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COMO offers a seamless, hassle-free travel service that takes care of your visas, flights and guides. They are willed to arrange special requests such as private jet charter and regional trips to neighbouring countries including Thailand, India and Nepal.
The perfect choice for a selected break and fresh up for your mind.

A dream in the land of thunder dragon.

Uma by COMO in Paro

Living in style.

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