The legendary “Zur Bleiche Resort & Spa / Spreewald / Germany

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Zur Bleiche Resort & Spa, Spreewald. Contributed by Jens Hoffmann.

Zur Bleiche Kahnhafen Dämmerung-2
We stayed over Christmas at home why fly out to Thailand, Maldives, Bali, the good is so close.

Lets take a look at the german amazonas, why not travel to the “Venice of the East”?
Meet and greet the Sorbs. The sorbs are Germany’s most enduring ethnic minority, they’ve lived in a crescent of land in modern Brandenburg since the sixth century.

Just here you will find the delightful wellness resort & spa “Zur Bleiche”.

Zur Bleiche Kra utersauna
It is set in the heart of Spreewald, about a one and a half hour drive from Berlin. The hotel is a mixture of elegance and rustic style. I love. We got a big spa suite and had our own haman and own sauna.

The spa is amazingly big and surprisingly cosy. The “Landtherme” itself offers beautiful decor, three swimming pools, loungers in every corner, finish sauna, steam bath, salt sauna, jacuzzi.
aromatherapy room and various relaxation rooms, all set amid peaceful surroundings, allowed for relaxation and complete rejuvenation. The food in the restaurants great fish, nice cheese were really good.
Zur Bleiche Käsezimmer 1

Furthermore there is the Spreewald, watery mosaic of channels, meadows, fields and forests fed by the river Spree, and easily accessible from Berlin.

You can book directly boat trips on the Spree. Nearby is also a beautiful swimming lagoon, which I will visit in summer. The housekeeping works perfectly.

Our highlight was our own sauna. Especially at night we had a great time and relaxed in our amazingly big suite.

Good-bye Spreewald.

Hotel Zur Bleiche Resort & Spa

Living in style.