Waldorf Astoria in Berlin

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Meet & Greeet with Pierre Gagnaire.

Text: Jens Hoffmann

Meeting with the Berlin star cooks at the Presidentual Suite Waldorf Astoria.


Often called the “Picasso of French cuisine,” chef Pierre Gagnaire is the creative genius behind many restaurants around the globe, from London’s Sketch to Tokyo’s Pierre Gagnaire. Les Solistes by Pierre Gagnaire, was an elegant white and marble gem tucked on the first floor of the Waldorf Astoria Berlin.

I sat down with the chef to chat about his global locations from Ryad, London, Paris and what’s going on in the restaurant industry.

His mission in Berlin was it to be a part of the city, to share an experience, a story.

No it is over. Hmm. Keep goin.

Paco Perez, Kolja Kleeberg, Alexander Koppe (Skykichen, Flavored by a.choice) joined.

It was fun to talk to the cooks.

Pierre Gagnaire, is one of my favourite cooks.


Berlin is over, no worries. He is a great character who loves to cook.

Pierre Gagnaire

History: He earnt his first two Michelin stars when he took over the kitchen at the family-run Le Clos Fleury in Saint-Étienne in 1976.
He won a third star at his eponymous restaurant in Paris. He is also head chef of “Sketch” in London.

He lives in Paris with his wife and is always easy.

Truly a must try is his eponymous restaurant at rue Balzac in Paris.

Gagnaire tore at the conventions of classic French cooking by introducing molecular flavours, tastes, textures, and ingredients.
He like to face tomorrow but respectful of yesterday.

Waldorf Berlin

Foodwise P.Gagnaire’s is always flamboyant.


Another perfet couple, Moet & Pierre.


Pierre Gagnaire1


Waldorf Berlin

Photo: M.Wellmann & Jens Hoffmann

Living in style.