Come as you are – 25hours Hotel in Dusseldorf

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French joy and serenity – The 25hours Hotel “Das Tour” in Dusseldorf

From the series “Traveling in Germany”

By Jens Hoffmann

Dusseldorf is a discovery, it has an excellent boutique hotel scene and in summer the city offers a french mediterranean flair. We checked in at the 25hours Hotel “Das Tour”.

“Savoir vivre” a declaration of love to France.

Many times I was in the 25hours hotels. And every time I was surprised with something new: always an invitation to enjoy the time. The hotel chain has worked and built this amazing hotel.

From the outside, the skyscraper looks neutral and industrial, a 17-story building with clean lines.
Inside, you feel like you are in France. It is always good to have a retreat where you can recover from the city and the heat. When you enter the lobby through the revolving door you feel wonderful, a pleasant atmosphere and the graceful interplay of architecture, light and colors.
For me this is the fine art of cultivated hospitality.
Yes, I am a 25hours hotel fan.

The 25hours offers German engineering and French art on 198 rooms. There is no star rating – but it does not need it. On the 14th floor is the wellness area (sauna and gym).
Relaxation with pleasure.

The biggest highlight was the dinner in the hotel restaurant “Paris Club”.

The chefs use the best local and international ingredients, a very special typical French cuisine, Bouillabaisse à Marsellaise, a wonderful Mediterranean fish soup, tartare, lobster, mousse au chocolate.

Information and booking:
25hours Hotel Dusseldorf “Das Tour”
Louis-Pasteur- Platz 1
40211 Dusseldorf

Living in style.