48 hours in Singapore Contributed by Jens Hoffmann A press & influencer trip to Singapore. First of all, I like the garden city. Singapore’s main island is sometimes described as diamond-shaped — fitting, perhaps, since the sparkling city, which had a starring role in the movie “Crazy Rich Asians,” is known for its materialistic pursuits. But look past Singapore’s shiny veneer and you’ll find a compression of Chinese, Indian, Malay and other heritages reaching back far beyond the city state’s half-century history as an independent…Continue Reading “48 hours in Singapore – the ups and downs of life”

It was simply time for something new,” says Holger Bodendorf. That’s why he not only completely rebuilt his Michelin-starred restaurant Bodendorf’s, which has been open for 20 years, but also reduced the opening hours to four days a week. Also the kitchen was consistently sharpening with his executive chef Denis Brühl. “We are focusing even more on the classics and presenting more minimalist plates,” Bodendorf explains. In the future, guests will get to see the kitchen team much more often, as dishes like beet in…Continue Reading “Michelinstar restaurant Bodendorf – Landhaus Stricker Sylt”

Winetour to the South of Greece, the Peloponnese and Crete By feature reporter and influencer Jens Hoffmann The first thing that most people think of when they think of Greek wine is retsina, a resinated white wine – a relic of the country’s long wine-growing history and from the time when wines were transported in amphorae sealed with pine resin. Today, the Greek wines bring together the best of the wine worlds: an intense, fresh fruit known from the new world, with the structure, good…Continue Reading “The Shaman of travel in Greece”

Airbus A380 first class suites will become closer to hotel suites and private jet experiences Contributed by influencer Jens Hoffmann The french designer Pierrejean creates its second generation of superjumbo suites. A series of concepts to convey a luxurious ‘five-star feel’ of what commercial first class could be like. He is well-known and made his name designing luxury yachts and interiors for private and commercial aircraft – and he clearly brought those exclusive influences into these inspirational treatments. The upper deck of the Airbus A380…Continue Reading “The captain is your ticket A380”

My trip to Marburg – Vila Vita Rosenpark Contributed by feature reporter and influencer Jens Hoffmann Marburg is a beautiful city, rich in history and nature. On the horizon is the Marburg Castle, a little below you find my lovely hideaway and great places to eat. The Hotel Vila Vita Rosenpark, the star classification and the five stars have been discarded, the Michelin gourmet restaurant in the hotel is also no longer there, but one has evolved with an affinity for pleasure. City visitors and…Continue Reading “Hotels we like: Vila Vita Rosenpark in Marburg”

Hotels we love – The new Mama Paris La Defense Contributed by feature reporter and influencer Jens Hoffmann Since years I am in love with Mama Shelter, the object of my desire was this time the new hotel Mama Paris La Defense. Paris is just beautiful, the capital of France is best known for its lovely style, good wine, champagne, food, beautiful cafes, lots of joy and happiness. Here Mama Shelter Group was born and at La Defense they couldn’t find and offer a better…Continue Reading “Hotels we love – Mama Paris La Defense”

Places we love – Irmao – Lisboa

Places we love – Irmao (place of happiness) in Lisboa Contributed by feature reporter and influencer Jens Hoffmann Since years I am in love with Mama Shelter, the object of my desire was this time the new hotel Mama Lisboa and Irmao – my new favourite beach location. Sex on the beach is possible here – you will find Irmao nearby the city (20 km away from Lisbon). Irmao is not a simple beach bar, nor just a restaurant. Irmao is a destination, a place…Continue Reading “Places we love – Irmao – Lisboa”

The contemporary Istanbul – a short trip through a avantgarde city By feature reporter and influencer Jens Hoffman Tough to top. Istanbul boasts a thriving contemporary art scene, avantgarde locations like the Venue Tersane as well as a lot of fine dinning restaurants, lovely hotels and an endless nightlife. If you are looking for art and for some distance from the pandemic, you should travel to Istanbul. We land at Istanbul Airport. The Turkish hub near the Black Sea coast replaced the former well-known Atatürk…Continue Reading “Cities we love – Contemporary Art in Istanbul”

Hotels we love – The new Mama Shelter Lisboa The new place to be in Lisbon Contributed by feature reporter and influencer Jens Hoffmann Since years I am in love with Mama Shelter, the object of my desire was this time the new hotel Mama Lisboa. The Tejo, Lisbon’s river, was bathed in a colorful sea of colors and Mama Lisboa gave me joy. Lisbon is just beautiful, the capital of Portugal is best known for its lovely climate year-round, colorful buildings, good wine and…Continue Reading “Mama loves you – The new Mama Shelter Lisboa”

Contributed by feature reporter, correspondent and influencer Jens Hoffmann Bangkok can be as bewildering as it is bewitching. There are few things to do to make the most of Thailand’s exuberant capital, filling your days with luxury feelings, massages, street food, impressive temples and lively bars. “The City of Angels” began as a trading centre and port community on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River some 200 years ago. Today, while the city is up to speed with modern times, the grandeur and…Continue Reading “Looking for a -pandemic- escape? The Millennium Hotel in Bangkok”

Mirabilia Boutique Hotel Travelling to Kassandra. Contributed by Jens Hoffmann Nestled amid a forest with oak and pine trees, about 300m from the sea, the Mirabilia Boutique Hotel in Kriopigi, Halkidiki, wins the unique travel experience and stay with original hospitality steps. Activating and making the most of its customers’ choices throughout the year. The Mirabilia has been honored with the silver award in Best Hotel Tailor Made Guest Experience and with the gold award in Best Greek Boutique Hotel. Wow. Mirabilia Boutique hotel has…Continue Reading “Mirabilia Boutique Hotel”

Review of the Club Med ski resort in Samoens Morillon By Jens Hoffmann Away from Chamonix, the French Alps has another piste-perfect resort in Morillon, a pretty, family-friendly village close to charming shops – and bags of snow-related fun Morillon in the Haute-Savoie, France. Morillon is a one hour drive away from Geneva, in France’s Haute Savoie region. The Grand Massif ski area is the fourth largest ski region in France. Samoëns has bakers, small cafes and cheese shops. It’s a traditional village, a family-friendly…Continue Reading “J’aime la France – Club Med in Morillon”