Experience Biarritz Contributed by Francois Jobard I enjoyed Napoleons III. summer residence in Biarritz. The Hôtel du Palais Imperial is an historic luxury hotel in the centre of Biarritz, overlooking a large stretch of beach on the Biarritz coastline. The 19th century residence of Napoleon III, has been all the time a symbol of prestige for Biarritz for more than a century. This 5-star hotel is located 24km from San Sebastian-Donosti Airport. From the moment you get your key you feel a bit special. You…Continue Reading “Experience the summer residence of Napoleon”

Destination Shanghai Contributed by our Asia-Pacifique Correspondent: B. Harris Yes, I love it to be in Shanghai. After a happy landing I enjoyed the nice ride with the airport express train (455 km/h, wow!!!). 10 minutes later I arrived. My hotel, the Shangri-La Jing An is located on the Puxi side of the Huangpu River. Amazing, it features a design inspired by Shanghai’s past, present, and future. The 508-room hotel is the centerpiece of the Jing An Kerry Centre. Upon entering the lobby, guests are…Continue Reading “Selected breaks in Shanghai”

Singapore by feature reporter Ben Milner. Singapore is a small country. If you are in hurry (and have a budget) you can enjoy it quick by helicopter, listen to the pilot and enjoy it with a panoramic view. Usually the tour includes; Marina Bay Sands, the Garden by the Bay, Marina Barrage and the business district, a bit of Sentosa with the Universal Studios and Sentosa Cove. Furthermore some of the Southern Islands like Kusu Island, St John’s Island & Sisters’ Islands and the world…Continue Reading “The new marvel – Booming Singapore!”

Hong Kong – Art that inspires By Jens Hoffmann. Just after arrival at HK International Airport Hong Kong welcomes me with a elegant kind of style. I love this city, some people say something was missing into one of Asia’s buzzzing new hives of innovation and finance. One this was hard to find. The fun. Unlike other world booming cities, where the opening of new theaters, hotels, bar could barely keep up with the demand, HK was always focudes a bit too much on work…Continue Reading “Hong Kong – Art that inspires”

London Contributed by Jens Hoffmann. The set up minmalist design – think NYC loft space I checked in at “The Ace Hotel” in Shoreditch, already a London legend. Beautiful located in East London. In the lobby, there is a long and busy shared table. Elegant library-style reading lights run down the middle; to either side there are two dozen plain wooden chairs. Most of them are occupied throughout the day by people with laptops – young, or youngish, and carefully dressed in casual clothes. Some…Continue Reading “Living the high life in London”

Singapore – a city in the garden Contributed by Jens Hoffmann. A foodtrip brought me to Singapore. I like it to be here, Singapore has always been a garden city, full of tropical plants all over the island. Now, with the help of innovative environ­ mental technology, this lush foliage will be encouraged to grow skywards, adding a welcome touch of green, inside and out, to an increasing number of high-rise buildings in this metropolis of millions. Spectacular architecture and abundant vegetation are not the…Continue Reading “Singapore – a city in the garden”

A boutique capsule hotel exclusively for women; the hotel -whose name is a reference to a type of flower that also carries connotations of female beauty- is designed exclusively for females. Capsule hotels are one of the most iconic things about Japan but are an increasingly rare breed now since their old business model started to be undercut by all-night internet cafes. They are also largely a male affair, since they were originally designed for (traveling) businessmen. Some capsule hotels have women-only floors, but still…Continue Reading “Big in Japan; stylish Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya”

One thing common to all guests of the small country is the desire to bring the visitor clother to Europe. Contributed by Jens Hoffmann Here you can feel Europe. The rich history and the aim to ensure the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital within the EU market is still alive, here you can feel the old Europe. I was here to taste all kinds of Cremant and to enjoy the cultural life of Luxembourg, La Moselle and Schengen. Schengen is a small…Continue Reading “My lovely Luxembourg”

London Calling. By Nicole Neugebauer. Amazing, elegant, funky; London attracts me always. So many people get stuck on London and carries them aplomb. It’s all down to the people, the gentlemen of Mayfair, hipster from Camden Town, celebs from High Gate, macchiato mummies from Kensington. It was a long time ago, more than 2000 years that this city started out on its story. That was when the Romans founded their settlement of Londinium on the banks of River Thames. Since then there’s been one prime…Continue Reading “London calling”

Review Breidenbacher Hof, a Capella Hotel in Dusseldorf. Contribted by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann. A 5-star higlight in every sense of the word. The hotel offers 85 generous and luxurious guest rooms, as well as the 21 exquisite hotel suites. The Breidenbacher Hof setting stylish standards and embody exclusive cosmopolitan lifestyle in my hometown Dusseldorf. It combines modern features and amenities with the rich tradition and heritage of the past. The traditional hotel looks back on a colourful history with several changes of ownership, but…Continue Reading “An icon for Germany – Sophisticated style in Dusseldorf / Germany”

My Athos experience. Go off the beaten track in Athos and discover mountains, monasteries, and perfect white sand beaches Here you will find Greece’s beautiful beaches, ancient culture and hospitality without going to the islands, the mainland region of Halkidiki is the answer. A peninsula made up of three ‘fingers’ – Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos – it has more than 300 miles of coastline edging the Aegean sea, and the beaches that go with it are beautiful. Athos being the most remote peninsula is deemed…Continue Reading “Kalimera – Halkidiki – Mount Athos – Greece”

Sawasdee, my lovely Bangkok – Review Millennium Hilton Hotel Contributed by Jens Hoffmann Bangkok can be as bewildering as it is bewitching. There are few things to do to make the most of Thailand’s exuberant capital, filling your days with luxury feelings, massages, street food, impressive temples and lively bars. “The City of Angels” began as a trading centre and port community on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River some 200 years ago. Today, while the city is up to speed with modern…Continue Reading “Select breaks in Bangkok”