Gastronomy on the EUREF campus at the Gasometer in Berlin The love of good food brings many people to new locations. Often culinary insider tips can be found in hidden streets or special places like the Gasometer. Between the building and emerging office buildings around the Gasometer Schöneberg, however, only a few food-seekers get lost by chance. Who likes office canteens? No, one. In fact, Reinhard Müller, CEO of EUREF AG doesn’t like them either. His vision included not only a mature sustainability strategy for…Continue Reading “Cities we love: Berlin – Gastronomy at the Gasometer”

The eat! berlin will be on 28/10-7/11/2021 The GASAG AG supports the festival again. GASAG has been supplying energy for 173 years. On September 19, 1826, a new era began in Berlin, when “Unter den Linden” lit up the first gas laterns. Gone were the days of dark evenings and nights.The gas quickly entered households, trade and industry on a triumphal march. Berlin has earned a reputation as gastronomic food hotspot and eat!Berlin is a worldwide well-known gourmetfestival. Eating and food in Berlin is truly…Continue Reading “GASAG supports the eat! Berlin Gourmet Festival 2021”

Design Week Helsinki Contributed by Jens Hoffmann Arrival in Helsinki. The baggage is there in no time at all, straight away to the Design Week. We will stay in the Hotel K. – a beautiful design hotel. The hotels name – Klaus K- refers to the main character who appears in the story called “The death of Elina” in Kalevala. It’s located at the Rake corner, consisting of two buildings that were built in 1882 as a German girls’ school. After many changes of ownership…Continue Reading “Cities we love – Helsinki”

Regions we love Today:Finland Contributed by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann Nordic Cuisine and lots of fun. Lets start with Helsinki for foodies. My restaurant tip- RAVINTOLA NOKKA. Every visit to a restaurant holds a story. In Restaurant “Nokka” the story is influenced by chef Ari Ruoho and his pure ingredients.The duck is from Alhopakka, the ceps comes from the known pickers and the lamb from Bovik, Snappertuna.The eagerness of each producer, subjective responsibility and the ethical level of the whole occupation indeed shows – and…Continue Reading “Hideaway in the North – Explore Finland”

Luxury escapes in Oman – Hotel Dunes by Al Nahda Contributed by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann Photos by Matthias Dikert If you are looking for special places, you must visit Oman. The travel industry is always looking for hideaways for the “Happy Few”. This target group is in the focus of investors, luxury brands and travel agents. There are two thousand billionaires and twenty million millionaires in the world. Wow! Some of them should travel to Oman. That’s why I looked at the Sultanate, saw…Continue Reading “Oman – Tradition and luxury”

By feature reporter Jens Hoffmann I love the North Sea region and especially the island Sylt. Its for me truly a unique spot with natural beauty and singular culture. If a man’s home is his castle, a island is his kingdom. And while you don’t have to be uber-wealthy to enjoy an island try Sylt. The trend to own a slice of paradise dates to the 60s when the late shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis married former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy on his Greek island Skorpios….Continue Reading “Islands we love – Sylt (Germany)”

Contributed by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann India is a highlight in every sense of the word and it belongs on every has always wish list or bucketlist of countries to visit. I met many people who had been to India and they seemed to either love it or hate it. I can say that I definitely love India. Arrival at Indira Gandhi International Airport. The mayor hub for the National Capital Region of Delhi, the planned expansion program will increase the capacity to handle 80…Continue Reading “Soulful Spiritualism in India – From New Delhi to Varanasi”

Contributed by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek at the pearl of Antalya With the green nature, turquoise blue sea the spectacular view just next to the Beşgöz River (famous for its blue crabs) and a special address for unique golf days. The hotel is almost disguised in the pine forests of Belek including all tones of green, the heart of the Mediterranean and it offers opportunities to those who like a beach holiday with all the colors and chances of nature.As well…Continue Reading “Luxury breaks in Belek – Hotel Titanic Golf Deluxe”

Yachting with Salparo on Lefkada Contributed by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann Standard luxury was yesterday, let’s tailor together your best sailing experience with Salparo. In search of selected sailing moments, I found my traveling dreams come true on the uniquely designed Lagoon 50 catamaran. The joy of Greece is for me always alive even in Covid 19 times. Charming whitewashed villages of the Aegean Sea, lovely beach spots and Ionian Sea bays in Caribbean style. I had some lovely time under the Greek sun. Salparo…Continue Reading “Escaping reality – Extraordinary moments – Yachting with Salparo on Lefkada”

Bangkok – one of the most popular destinations in the world attracts people with its beautiful culture, warm hospitality and prestige of Thai cuisine and spa. Contributed by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann Cool, hot, contempary style, constant flury of fun, glamour and a bit stressful. Everyone knows that the “City of Angels” is smooth as silk. I spend a few days in the lovely Siam Kempinski having the best time. I used to live for three years in Bangkok (Sathorn). Since these days my favourite…Continue Reading “Five nights in Bangkok – Siam Kempinski Hotel”

London by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann Amazing, elegant, funky; London attracts me always. Many people get stuck on London and carries them aplomb. It’s all down to the people, the gentlemen of Mayfair, hipster from Camden Town, celebs from High Gate, macchiato mummies and curling parents from Kensington and foodies from everywhere. It was a long time ago, more than 2000 years that this city started out on its story. That was when the Romans founded their settlement of Londinium on the banks of River…Continue Reading “If you had one day, three or five hours to explore London, what would you do?”

Contributed by Jens Hoffmann Can there be any Kempinski world-wide whose history compares to the historic San Clemente Palace Hotel? I would say no, every stone recalls a fascinating history. The hotel is set on the private island of San Clemente within the Venetian lagoon. It is surround with lush gardens, stylish antique courtyards and a beautiful 12th century church. We arrived on a hot July morning on San Clemente. Easy to get there, just ten minutes by a complimentary boat from Piazza San Marco….Continue Reading “Bella Italia – Kempinski San Clemente Palace Hotel”