Contributed by our feature reporter, correspondent and influencer Jens Hoffmann Start with my favourite hotel. I am a fan of the Mandarin Oriental Group. Bangkok is like a puzzle, the heart of the hotel is a destination in itself. The Lobby has played host to royal guests and international visitors – their favourite spot to see and be seen. Somerset Maugham used his hotel room as a hospital when he came down with malaria. John Le Carré wrote much of “The Honourable Schoolboy” in one…Continue Reading “One night in Bangkok”

Contributed by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann Chubu region! Nagoya, the fourth biggest city in Japan is well-known for its amazing cuisine, onsen, style and culture. Indeed, the local restaurants in the region leaves no culinary wishes unfulfilled. The local restaurants beguile even the most pampered palates. Placing great value on fresh ingredients and products you can enjoy, kobe beef, tofu, miso, Unagi (eel), tebasaki chicken, red miso dishes like miso katsu the kishimen noodles, amongst others. Fantastic. My personal highlight was the restaurant “Wadakin” in…Continue Reading “Big in Japan 2024 Let’s explore Chubu region”

When boundaries blur, it’s hard to stand out unless the country has characteristics that make it unique. The UAE (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) is a federation of seven emirates. While Abu Dhabi and Dubai have long been melting pots of many cultures as stars of the Emirates, the other Emirates are lagging behind in terms of popularity. But there is one emirate that is catching up because it is young and different. Welcome to the Emirate of Diversity: Ras Al Khaim Although RAK (as the country…Continue Reading “The Emirate of Diversity: Ras Al Khaimah”

“Slow Travel” in Friesland. From the series “On the road in Europe” Contributed by Jens Hoffmann Never been there? I felt the same way until recently. A press trip took me to Moddergat in the Dutch province of Friesland. I had the opportunity to take a closer look across the border and learn something about the history of this amazing area. A huge storm surge hit the town in 1888, many people died and everything was flooded. Pure nature, embedded in the characteristic Frisian landscape….Continue Reading “The most beautiful nature reserve in the Netherlands: the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea”

Hong Kong is a international city dominated by the best hotel industry. Most major hotel brands appear on our list, including the Mandarin Oriental and Peninsula Hotel which were both founded in Hong Kong. The results are in: 1: Conrad Hong Kong 2: Island Shangri-La Hong Kong 3: Four Seasons Hong Kong 4: The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong 5: Mira Hotel Hong Kong Hong Kong is always fun. House & Hotel say Congrats.

Kalimera – Greece Contributed by feauture reporter Jens “Yanni” Hoffmann Sure, Sun, Sea and Beach, that’s what Greece is known for, that’s why everyone loves to spend their holidays in Hellas and playing golf. Maybe a bit of classical culture, if you manage to fit it in while waiting for your flight in or out in Athens, right? Well, that’s only the obvious and mass-touristic part of the game, in order to stay at the top of travelers to-do-lists you need to show more. And…Continue Reading “Kalimera Greece 2024”

A unforgetable journey to Seoul. The largest metropolis of the Republic of Korea and second largest metropolitan area world-wide. Seoul’s history goes back more than two thousand years. It was one of the “Three Kingdoms of Korea”. A hotel that define the destination is the Park-Hyatt in Seoul. Truly a big “wow”. With breathtaking views, opulent rooms the perfect setting for a stay in Seoul. The Park Hyatt is located in the Yongsan district. Set on the historic Mount Namsan amid 18 acres of waterfalls…Continue Reading “Cities we love: Seoul in May 2024”

Food & Onsen in Japan Contributed by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann The most traditional Japanese meal is a serving of plain, white rice, along with a main dish (fish or meat), some kind of side dish (often cooked vegetables), soup (either miso soup or clear broth), and pickled vegetables. It is always joyful, especially fish is my style. At the end of the day we usually went to an Onsen. Hot tubs are relaxing, very relaxing especially after a relaxing tuna joy. They are naturally…Continue Reading “Countries we love: Japan – Food, Onsen and Joy”

Bom dia Rio. Contributed by feature editor Jens Hoffmann Do you know where beach related jobs generate three billion dollars a year? It is a big country — bigger than Australia, and far too large to try to cover in one visit — so we’ve designed a special itinerary that takes in the best of it. Brazil is worth a visit and belongs on your bucketlist. Do you know Rio? Hang loose beach style, next to the beach the right hotel is the amazingly positioned…Continue Reading “Cities we love: Rio de Janeiro”

Contributed by our correspondent and influencer Jens Hoffmann First of all, it was joy to be in New Orleans.I love this city. Start with the history, the luxury hotel was opened in 1893, later on the hotel was purchased by a group of investors and renamed »The Roosevelt Hotel« (in honor of late former president Theodore Roosevelt) in 1923. In 1965 it was acquired by Fairmont Hotels. The Grand Hotel, has over 500 rooms, of which 125 are luxury suites, some named for celebrities who…Continue Reading “Hotels we love: The Waldorf Astoria “The Roosevelt” in New Orleans”

Contributed by reporter and influencer Jens Hoffmann The Lobby at Mandarin Oriental, BKK is like a puzzle. The heart of the hotel, is a destination in itself. The Lobby has played host to royal guests and international visitors – their favourite spot to see and be seen. Somerset Maugham used his hotel room as a hospital when he came down with malaria. John Le Carré wrote much of “The Honourable Schoolboy” in one of the suites. And Noël Coward would spend hours gazing down at…Continue Reading “The Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok”

Perfect elegance – Skopelos on the Sporades The charms of Skopelos “Mamma Mia Island”, a perfect location to get married? Yes! Contributed by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann I love the Mamma Mia “ABBA” movie. Here’s the plot. A beautiful girl named Sofie is getting married to a British guy on Skopelos. Both of them are dewy with youth. The girl has secretly invited three men from her mom’s past, each of whom may be her biological father. Hilarity ensues. That’s about it, a perfect (ABBA)…Continue Reading “Islands we love: Mamma Mia Island – Skopelos (Greece)”