Hotels we love: The Waldorf Astoria “The Roosevelt” in New Orleans

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Contributed by our correspondent and influencer Jens Hoffmann

First of all, it was joy to be in New Orleans.I love this city.

Start with the history, the luxury hotel was opened in 1893, later on the hotel was purchased by a group of investors and renamed »The Roosevelt Hotel« (in honor of late former president Theodore Roosevelt) in 1923.

In 1965 it was acquired by Fairmont Hotels.

The Grand Hotel, has over 500 rooms, of which 125 are luxury suites, some named for celebrities who once visited the hotel; signature fine-dining and state-of-the-art meeting and a lovely spa and fitness center.

Eggs Bendecit, typical american food and chandeliers in style gave us joy.

For generations, New Orleanians and visitors from around the world liked The Roosevelt because of its glamour, excitement and comfort.

The Roosevelt is exciting us.

Its fun to stroll around in the city and enjoy food, music and bars.

Try the legendary Sazerac Bar.

In the golden era of supper clubs from the 1930s to the 1960s, the Blue Room played host to some of the best-known names in entertainment and big bands – including Tony Bennett, Louis Armstrong and Cher – as well as to elaborate floor shows.

With gleaming chandeliers and polished architectural details, the Blue Room once again hosts live entertainment that appeals to all ages.

As an indication of the hotel’s beloved role in community life, the hotel reprises the extrava- gant lobby holiday decorations and experiences that enchanted children and adults for decades and served as a destination for families.

The Sazerac Bar, a Roosevelt landmark for decades, again serves its signature Sazerac cocktail and Ramos Gin Fizz – both invented in New Orleans and made populaworldwide by The Roosevelt – The Roosevelt also is known to hotel aficionados the world over as having inspired Arthur Haley’s best-selling 1965 novel »Hotel.«

Its worth it to check in.

Restaurant tipp in New Orleans:
Dragos Osyters

The chef de cuisine Drago served them »raw« or »charbroiled«. The Charbroiled version was the best one we ever had, first the oysters are filled with butter and garlic. Then it’s time for the next step, the grilling of the oysters, later on Parme- san and Romano Cheese. Yummy. Mother Nature made the oysters.

Wow, wow …we just perfected them. The best bite of food in New Orleans.

Stay tuned.

Living in style.