Yves Saint Laurent takes Calais – The cultural Hauts-de-France

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The Shaman of Travel in Europe

Today: Hauts-de-France

Calais – a city of fashion

Contributed by feauture reporter and influencer Jens Hoffmann

From June to November 2023, the Museum of Lace and Fashion in Calais is hosting an exhibition dedicated to the work of Yves Saint Laurent.

This unique exhibition showcases Yves’ ability to challenge the rules of revealing the female body.

How did he do that?

Simply by using the transparency of the fabrics to emphasize a woman’s sensual figure.

Calais, the outpost overlooking the coast of Dover, has always appealed to me as a world and place of longing for connoisseurs, lifestyle travelers and fashionistas.


On the occasion of the “Yves Saint Laurent: Transparences” I went in search of clues.

I quickly realize that Hauts-de France in northern France is worth discovering.

With cities like Arras (Photo), Lille, Calais and Lens embracing all culture lovers and making travelers happy.
Northern France inspired us with its creative side.

Calais offered an iconic highlight with this fashion exhibition.

In addition to this fashion spectacle, design and lifestyle, there were many unknown places for me to discover.

You feel wonderfully free at “Cap Blanc Nez” on the Opal Coast with a view over to Dover in UK.

Everywhere we were awaited by a wealth of exciting things and places paired with lots of sun and blue skies.
Continue to Lens.

The “Petit Louvre” (Lens) offers a variety of cultural treasures.

It belongs on your bucket list.

Or simply northern French flair in Arras.

The urban ensemble around the two huge main squares, Grand’ Place and Place des Héros, which are now part of the UNESCO World Heritage, and the many houses in the Flemish Baroque style are particularly impressive.

At Arras, the object of my passion and research was exciting fashion designer Sylvie Facon.
Her self-tailored clothes are different and enchantingly beautiful.

I had to think of my best friend who got married a week ago when I spotted Sylvie`s wedding dress.

Culture and fashion in Calais is amazing.

Back to Yves Saint Laurent, he turned art into fashion and fashion into art, making haute couture accessible to everyone.

He knew how to position a women in the way they like to see themselves.

Enchanting the female wardrobe. He emancipated women with elegance and gave them enjoyment and joy.

The trapezoidal shape made him famous, with the Mondrian collection (1962) he was the first to put art on clothes. He also designed tuxedos and pant suits for women.

So prêt-à-porter, not just haute couture, which he built up like a small film in his legendary fashion shows.

The choreography of his show with pant suits, trench coats and explosions of color was often a provocative delight.

His fashion became the flagship of French culture and became famous around the world.

La grande nation with transparency and lace, with proportions and details, that can be discovered in the Cité de la Dentelle in Calais until November 12th.
Seeing his original suits live – worn by ladies like Catherine Deneuve and models like Naomi Campell.

It is simply beautiful and belongs on the bucket list that is too often quoted.

I relaxed on the beach in Calais after enjoying it.

Northern France also has a lot to offer in culinary terms.

Northern France is a paradise for lovers of traditionally good French cuisine.
There are many culinary surprises waiting for the curious visitor, even if people still like to fry with butter here.
A fine sauce also belongs on the steak, the fish or the salad and a glass of rosé is the perfect accompaniment at any time of the day.
The true paradises are those that seem to have been lost or simply have to be rediscovered.

I love Northern France.

Tip: Just try it, it’s worth it.

The press trip was supported by Atout France, the French National Tourist Board in Frankfurt.

Living in style.