A walk in the park – Park Hotel de Wiemsel / Twente / Holland

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Story contributed by Kathrin Sion.

Exclusive style with natural flair, from time to you should have to leave the privacy of your place to explore, smell and taste a new ambience.
For Duesseldorf residents the Netherlands offer a close fitting suitable goal, a close target. But if you classify the country thinking only covering sandy beaches and the sea, you are wrong!

You will find A’dam (a great city)!

And the unspoiled region of Twente east of the Netheterlands neibouring the federal German states of Niedersachsen and Nordrhein-Westphalen.

Twente is a unique combination of nature – green, a bit like in Münsterland – cultural heritage and vibrant cities. Nature lovers will find extensive meadows and pastures, the cows moo, mowing the sheep, bubbling streams and many forests. And at such a gem of the forest, park and meadow is the new Park Hotel de Wiemsel.

Actually, a house with a long tradition, but just two years ago came the end for this originated in the ’70s gem. The owners gave up – but Henning J. Claassen, who made there for 18 years vacation, this could hardly understand. The entrepreneur from Lüneburg hoped that there would soon be a new concept. But things turned out differently. But after all, he bought the area, the hotel business he understands a lot, so he owns already, the two houses “Altes Kaufhaus” and Bergström “in Lüneburg. Claassen invested in the complete renovation of the hotel and its associated parkland of 60,000 square meters a double-digit million amount. Create “room to breathe” and capture the vastness, freedom and tranquility of the countryside “, that was the credo of Henning J. Claassen.
From all guest rooms the view goes through floor to ceiling glass windows in the park and creates space to the outside. Inside offer the guest rooms and suites between 40 and 80 square meters with modern comfort and perfect technique. Classically elegant and clear, the rooms are furnished. With heart and passion chef Stefan Bekhuis and his team cook in the restaurant de Wanne. The dishes are simple and honest, traditional dishes are often reinterpreted and surprising. The integrated bar, a well-stocked library, a grand piano and an open fireplace round off the offer. We were lucky to be part of this great weather at the outdoor pool and to let your thoughts drift. The water of the pool is so pleasant that it was fun to swim.
After this relaxing warm day it was also possible to eat on the terrace in the evening, see how the sun goes down and the moon follows her. Soft lighting in the park, romantic lanterns on the tables, this rest is just plain relaxing.

But not only the hotel is a must have seen. A few minutes away is the town of Ootmarsum – the city of art of the East.
Here you will find a lot of galleries, cabaret and sculptures which dominate the streets and the alleys, in charge designed by the painter Ton Schulten, who made known his hometown Ootmarsum as artists’ beyond its borders.
Romantic breaks, relaxing moments, select enjoyment.

The fabulous hotel makes traveller dreams come true. Thanks to Mr. Henning J. Claassen to be here.

Living in style.