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Contributed by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann

Chubu region! Nagoya, the fourth biggest city in Japan is well-known for its amazing cuisine, onsen, style and culture. Indeed, the local restaurants in the region leaves no culinary wishes unfulfilled. The local restaurants beguile even the most pampered palates. Placing great value on fresh ingredients and products you can enjoy, kobe beef, tofu, miso, Unagi (eel), tebasaki chicken, red miso dishes like miso katsu the kishimen noodles, amongst others.

My personal highlight was the restaurant “Wadakin” in Matsusaka. The restaurant located in Mie Prefecture is a joy and a must for every bucketlist is to try the world-famous Matsusaka beef, the animals are raised right here in harmony in between a gorgeous natural scenery.

Nagoya is easily to be reached, but far enough away to present something a little different.

The city differs greatly from Tokyo and Osaka, boasting its own traditional cuisine as well as a dialect unique to the area.

Traditional tea ceremonies and over thousand years-old shrines are reminders of a country steeped in rich history.

It is this combination of traditional and futuristic that makes Japan a surreal voyage for the senses.

For a taste of different life Nagoya provides a great glimpse into the wide spectrum of possibility in Japan. Nagoya is a special city, 2,3 millions makes it to a urban hotspot.

It’s the birthplace of Toyota.

And for many people the whole atmosphere in this city is a bit more relaxed than in its big brother Tokyo.

On the country site you will the peace of century-old shrines and calming japanese gardens.

You must try the Shinkansen this amazing train which is connecting the cities always in time.
Different experience when your based in Europe and used to hours of train delay.

Take the Ninja train, visit Shrine Geku, the Toyota museum, Nagoya castle, the Nishio Maccha Museum are just a few places that embody the best of Shubu region places.

Tea lovers will enjoy the tea and Maccha cerenomies.

It’s fun to chat with the tea masters.

The legendary Maku Maku will making out of Maccha nearly everything.

Cookies, cakes, body lotion and spiritual fun.

Many people like to sip sake, the Japanese soul is in it.

Great pleasure to join a Sake harvest party.

Amazing experience.

Many shops, restaurants and markets represents the best of Japanese dedication to production.

As I mentioned already food wise is the whole Shubu region amazing.

Nagoya is world famous for its Ungagi (eel), noodle dishes, fish, salads, omelets.

Fresh sashimi, makrel and tuna is sliced, then topped with ginger and wasabi.

There are many dining experiences in traditional Japanese style restaurants. Inside the restaurant, exciting dishes with lots of and fresh vegetables, soupes and fish.

Try the Wadakin restaurant. The signature dish is the fantastic Kobe beef served in terriyaki style with a beautiful natural egg sauce.
The texture and taste of the meat is an explosion for the palate, almost as fascinating as the whole atmosphere in the restaurant.


Shrines and Temples

Walking through the forest is the type of experience that is hard to capture with words. Go at 6am in the morning and you will be nearly alone. Feel the freshness of air and japanese buddhism.

The experience is a perfect start in the day.

Shubu offers some of the most beautiful shrines and temples The Ginou shrine is dedicated to Inari, the god of rice, sake, and prosperity.

Visitors pray, walk and meditate.

The Nagoya Castle was a spectacular experience.

An amazing day offers the Toquawaen garden, this hidden treasure is dreamlike even in wintertimes. It must be more amazing when the autumn leaves change and cherry blossom season begins.

Later on you must try the Toquawaen garden restaurant, a japanese-french food experience in Japan.

My hotel tip: Nagoya Marriott Associa

If you like cool city style and places with a view you must check-in at the Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel.
Situated over Nagayo train station, you will find this luxurious residence for discerning visitors to Nagoya. Situated in the city center the Marriott Associa is the perfect place from which to explore the city.

Consisting of three towers, all of them are over 50 floors high. The hotel is above the train station, in a one of the largest buildings in the world covering a total of over 400,000 m².

The Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel is an unforgetable stay.

From my lovely room with high-stretching windows I had the “room with a view” experience.

From these windows there is a marvelous view of Nagoya, that really shows a great scene of the city – it seems to go on for miles.

The hotel lobby is located on the 15th floor of the building. Sophisticated and elegant design, the staff welcomed us with smiles on check-in at concierge lounge. The interior design is tasteful and modern.

The concierge floor offer exclusive service, a private lounge on the 36th floor serving breakfast, as well as evening happy hours with free drinks.

The excellent service and stylish rooms offers a good bed and comprehensive range of amenities.

Pure enjoyment is also found in the Spa and fitness Club, located on the 18th floor.
The oasis of senses includes features such a relaxation area, swimming pool, sauna, massage treatments and the fitness area.

The hotel has an incredible amount of restaurants, lounges and bars that can be enjoyed without having to leave the building, especially on the 52nd floor French Restaurant Mikuni Nagoya and Sky Lounge Zenith.

There is a blistering amount to choose from, which will leave guests with a lots of options each night – there really is something for everyone here.

Sayonara, I am in seventh heaven and will be back soon.

Check-in: Hotel Marrott Nagoya Associa

Things to do in Chubu region:

ubu Centrair International Airport (NGO)

Nagisamachi Marina

Nagisa City

Iga Ninja Museum
Ninja Museum

Iga City incl. Danjiri Museum

The press trip was supoorted by Japan Endless Discovery JTB Corporate Sales

Photos: Ute Kranz & Jens Hoffmann (Travel-Food-Art Mag)

Living in style.