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Back to Germany and check in @ the Weinhaus Henninger in Palatinate. The region is famous for excellent food, finest wines and the hotel is a legend well known for great rooms.
We came by car and enjoyed it to be on the germam highway.
Finally we arrived in the lovely “outback” of Germany.

The fine country house hotel with restaurant is the place to be in the Palatinate.


But let’s go back only four centuries. The history of the house wine is long, the foundations come from 16th century. At that time the house was really just a wine house, which was run by the family Henninger.
The owner is the grandson of the host people, the food and drink in the estate went far since 1850 Kallstadt also known. Here were Carl Benz and his wife Bertha regular guest of the 1. FC Kaiserslautern and the brothers Fritz and Ottmar Walter celebrated their championship title in the half-timbered building. With the purchase the owner Mr. Lampert undertook the Henninger so on to perform as it was. Namely, a guest house with great atmosphere, excellent cuisine and fine wines.

The place is located in Kallstadt, a village with 1200 inhabitants. Excellent hospitality, lovely timbered houses, flowers on the window sills. The historic Lion Fountain and St. Salvator Church are the landmarks of the village. Even if not everyone knows Kallstadt, the Edelweinort is one of the most famous wines of the Pfalz. Here grow excellent wines, which are maintained by self-marketed goods of still wine and a wine-maker on 270 hectares of vineyards. The district has one of the most famous vineyards of the Palatinate and is direct connected with the hotel.

Before Lampert, the owner, could really get going, he had plenty remodel to bring the property can be economically back on the winning track. Lampert learned through the restoration of his house know in detail – and love. “Only if you renovated in principle and correct, we create the basis in order to continue the tradition of wine home for the next few decades can.” His concept also belonged to integrate in the complex 13 hotel rooms and the Henninger for small, exclusive to expand country hotel.

Meanwhile, the renovation works are completed – Hotel and Restaurant are in operation. As the new CEO Christian Jegensdorf was obtained, which was previously a hotelier and restaurateur in the world go. Spain, Canary Islands, in the Montafon and on cruise ships, he worked and was primarily responsible for the logistics and orientation of the beverage area. “I am now back on solid ground under their feet to have,” says Jegensdorf who has the Palatinate referred to as the “Tuscany of Germany” and settled in well. Quite strange to the area it is not, however, because he studied at the Hotel School Heidelberg Hotel Business.

There currently are Jegensdorf and Lampert lot, they look for the best Riesling wines of the region. “30 wineries we visit,” says Lampert, because on the wine list of course can be found only wines from the region. In keeping with the food map are many whites (Winery Ökonomierat Rebholz, Weingut Friedrich Becker, Weingut Ludi Neiss) but also very beautiful reds (Weingut Schneider-Ellerstadt) here. A look at the menu card, it is extraordinary because it was divided into three categories: “Henninger original Palatinate cuisine” such as homemade sausage, coarse air-dried sausage and pig’s stomach to wine herb. Then there are the “Weinhaus classics” such as sautéed kidneys and Cordon Bleu and the “seasons” cuisine that offers everything that is straight all fresh and current. “These are, for example, asparagus, strawberries, mushrooms later in the year and of course the goose,” said Jegensdorf. Many recipes are still creations Walter Henninger, but with returner Tommy Walter at the stove many new ideas come with the card. The 30-year-old, who previously cooked at Henninger, managed in the current edition of Gault Millau equal to 13 points. “This is very good for us,” says Jegensdorf, which in all courts, the quality of the ingredients, “which begins when shopping”, is very important. The butcher he knows personally, the baker and some of the farmers that supply the vegetables. “I can rely on my suppliers and some specialties are made specially for us for years like liver. They received the old oak floors, and also the restored wood paneling wood-burning stoves,” says Lampert. Guests at the wine house, many of them regulars love, besides the excellent cuisine, the beautiful atmosphere of the house. And these guests would like Lampert and Jegensdorf have. “With caution, we have created no bus parking, because the mass tourism does not fit here, here.”
We enjoyed it, it´s worth it.

Living in style.

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