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A city of hope and heaven of peace in Switzerland

Contributed by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann


Geneva is nestled in the foothills of the Alps with views overlooking Lake Geneva and stretching as far as Mont Blanc (4807m), Geneva promises a city experience like no other.


Easy to find interesting things from the international to local fun.

During the day it’s a bustling city filled with students, businesspeople, UN- diplomats flown in for a day’s meeting and frontaliers who work in Geneva but live over the border in France.

There are nice bars & bistros, live music, vintage shops and flea market of Plainpalais. And, despite the tourists, Geneva’s famous attractions are famous because they’re blooming important – where else could you find the place where the internet was born.


There are great hotels, and there is the Beau-Rivage.

Nice, beautiful, luxurious, on the top of the list of hotels to stay in Genava is certainly the Beau Rivage. A hotel with a view, It is overlooking the lake, the Alps soaring above and faces the Jet d’Eau. Easy to find here true relaxation with spa tretaments and culinary delights. An opulently stocked wine cellar, le Beau-Rivage with the restaurant “Chat Botté” and the whole city Geneva is a food lover’s paradise.

The owner, loyal to their forbears mission, continues the tradition of a warm and attentive welcome, a unique “art de vivre” in the magical place.

The city has everything from international gastronomic delights to incredible local cuisine as well as the highest concentration of Michelin starred restaurants in Europe.

A one star restaurant is the Chat Botté, truly one of my new favourites. Chef de Cuisine Dominique Gauthier’s Le Chat Botté in the hotel; this Michelin-starred restaurant boasts modern French cuisine and a wonderful selection of wines grand crus and also amazing local wines like Chasselas and Aligoté.
Geneva’s “Jet d’eau” is impressive in its own way.


This enormous water fountain in Lake Geneva spouts its froth 140m into the air. You can get closer sby swimming in the lake.

Or by boat – take a Mouette taxi-boat for a short hop from right bank to left bank or take CGN ferry as part of a day trip to any number of destinations around the lake.

Back to food.
Besides Geneva’s truly world-renowned gastronomy it offers also classic French dishes and all kind of international food. For more traditional local cuisine try Café du Paix or Café Gallay.
My favourite places for basic dining in Geneva.
You must try raclette and fondue, the best of its kind in town.

Geneva’s bustling bar scene is great fun to explore, many students, international guests….I love it.

Absolute stunning is he famous Beau-Rivage hotel.

The Beau-Rivage has a long history of hosting high-level distinguished guests and events. Most famously; the Treaty of Lausanne negotiations in 1922-23, which recognised the borders of the new nation of Turkey was in the hotel. The talks took place in the Salle Sandoz, a majestic space of 430 square metres complete with rotunda topped with stained glass. A history of the hotel recounts the meeting gave an excuse to install a “state of the art Marconi wireless telegraph system” and a “brand new telephone exchange”.

Nowadays that venue is the place to be for weddings and banquets.

In enjoyed it so much discovery the Quartier des Bains, the art district, the little Soho of Geneva.
You must see the Mamco (Museum of Contemporary Art) UNO buliding, the MEG ( the new Ethnography Museum of Geneva) and will be surprised. There could hardly be a more artful,

and peaceful place on earth.

For various reasons Switzerland neutrality, its location in the centre of Europe is unique.

Geneva is the seat of many international organisations, the International Red Cross Museum is just next door to the Palais des Nations, the European seat of the United Nations.
A must seen.

Places to stay:

1. Beau Rivage


2. Swiss Hotel


Home Swiss Hotel

Beau Rivage

Many airlies take off from german airports to Geneva.

Total: A fantastic stay in Geneva.

The press trip was supported by KPRN networks (Germany)

Living in style.