Nouvel Prague – Coming home to Mama – Hotel Mama Shelter in Prague

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Mama Prague – Press Tripp-

A hideaway for “Generation Laptop”

The Mama Shelter Group has become the coolest hotel group in France – now it’s going more and more into the world

Contributed by Jens Hoffmann

I took a train from Berlin via Dresden to Prague. A limousine picked me up and brought me to the funkiest hotel in the city.

The Mama Shelter is located in the center of Prague.

A cool boutique hotel with two bars and two restaurants and everything you need in the modern digital age.

The Mama Shelter offers 238 rooms, five meeting rooms and is a hotspot of the MICE industry.

I checked in on the eighth floor, and can confirm that Mama Shelter once again managed to establish an oasis in Prague.

Mama Shelter is a cool place to experience Prague in all its facets, not just a place for bachelor parties and parties, but as a place to live, work and party.

The entire history of the Bohemian prince, rhapsody and kingdom took place here. Many tourists are still attracted to it today, Prague is a top destination for tourists from all over the world. In the evening, a DJ plays in the hotel and spread a nice party atmosphere.

The next morning we moved to the city, in search of the new Prague with its galleries, the DOX Center for Contemporary Art, Charles Bridge and Bitcoin Cafes.

You hear an interesting mix of voices, music and water. All the languages of the world are at home here. Not only Slavic words, but also Indian and Japanese or completely unknown word fragments.

The object of my desire, however, is called DOX Centre of Contemporary Art.

Back to Mama. A large lobby – modern, perfect for the generation laptop. Art and pop art pictures, plain and simple. The hotel has charm, curtains and kisses light up in different colors.

After a short break we enjoyed the restaurant, where they served international cuisine with local touch.

The pizza in all variations is one of the best in Prague.

Sharing is caring is the motto, five different things are on the table and everyone likes to eat them.

In addition one serves beautiful white and red wines.

There is everything and we found exactly what we were looking for, namely the cultural city with many theaters, museums and concerts. My memory of a previous trip to the Czech metropolis returned.

At the time, Prague was the most romantic city with the most theaters in Europe. It has changed, a new modern style, but it is still great.

Prague is always worth a visit.

More information: Hotel Mama Shelter Prague

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