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The festival program of the eat! berlin 2023 is online.

Cooking is art and the act of eating is a cultural event.

Almost 70 events on eleven days.

Wow, Berlin is excited.

As every year our magazine presents and features the fine dining festival.

Many key partners e.g. GASAG AG taking part since years.

Editorial contributor: Jens Hoffmann

Berlin is already looking forward to days and evenings full of extraordinary culinary and cultural experiences in November 2023.

The festival will take part in many new restaurants, together with old friends, with guests from all over the world (Israel, Italy, Scotland, Sweden and Switzerland, France, Prague and Turkey (Istanbul).

On Saturday, November 4th and Wednesday, November 8th, there are nine events that can be attended.

People are interested.

The selection is large, the choice is difficult.

A look at the program shows the following for the third day of the festival: A Makoli tasting with Yeojin Yoon, a Korean from Paris, at the Kochu Karu Deli; Christian Stahl, winemaker and chef from Würzburg comes to the Chiaro restaurant; Southern flair at Schmidt, Z & KO, with David E. Moore and Ralf Zacherl; an event for 30 euros, only for people up to the age of 30 with Herbert Beltle in the Rotisserie Weingrün; ice-cold treasures from the “crazy Scotsman” Roderick Sloan at Michael Kempf’s restaurant Facil; Anthony Sarpong leaves his star kitchen in Meerbusch for a day, gets into his Airstream food truck and stops by the Spree, at Carl & Sophie; Tim Raue travels “From Paris to Tokyo” with Dominik Obermeier and stays in the Brasserie Colette; Appropriately, we take a look at the future of nutrition, gastronomy and viticulture in the Futurium.


Prof. Guido Ritter from University of Münster, the best-selling cookbook author and top chef Heiko Antoniewicz, musician, cabaret and culinary artist Tobias Sudhoff, star chef Micha Schäfer and top restaurateur Arne Anker invite you to eat, but also to talk about the future of enjoyment.

Hans Müller and Lotte Pfeffer-Müller from VDP.Weingut Gebrüder Dr. Becker present their exciting wines and the future of viticulture and what all this has to do with biodynamics and fungus-resistant (Piwi) grape varieties.

Other highlights from the program for the remaining ten days:

For the second time, the Berlin Wine Queen will be elected at “Queen of Thrones”.

The evening will again be curated and moderated by drag artist Sheila Wolf.

Arie Oshri, the Queen of the Night, is a drag performer and “singing diva”.

She enchants together with Tim Tanneberger (1 Michelin) in theNoname.

The stage dinner moves into Europe’s only completely preserved Art Deco theater.

The guests are seated in the eight boxes of the Renaissance Theater, attend a performance and are fed before and after by the Dresden Carouselle Novelle chef de cuisine Sven Vogel.

Guests at the “From a single cast” dinner at the Bar Brass restaurant can take a look behind the scenes at the Noack gallery and art foundry. Barkin’Kitchen also invites you to art and enjoyment at the C/O Berlin and Shani Leidermann, Barbara Tzil and Cynthia Barcomi invite you to a Shabbat dinner at the Beba restaurant in the Gropiusbau.

Just one more thing: “In fact, we find it regrettable that culinary Germany always looks more towards Austria, France or Italy, but rarely towards the Czech Republic, Poland, or towards Slovakia or the Balkan countries.

We want to change that,” announces Sina Moser, Managing Director of eat! Berlin at.

This year we’re going to the Arminius market hall together with Marketa Chaloupkova from Czech Tourism and five excellent Czech chefs – we say Na Zdraví, on Friday, November 3rd. 2023.

A second dinner event with Czech Tourism is already planned: for February 2024.

eat! berlin makes Berlin cook and the act of eating is a cultural event.

Advance ticket sales started already.

GASAG AG – Berlin


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