Everything is worth a trip to Corinth / Greece

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Everything is worth a trip to Corinth

Contributed by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann

A journey in the Peloponnese is a journey through myth and past.

The journey from the International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos in Athens to Loutraki takes about an hour by train or car.

Thermae is the ancient name of Loutraki derived from goddess “Thermia Artemis”, the protector goddess of therapeutic mineral waters.

Life is easy, time to enjoy the region, the path is the destination and the springkissed Greece is always beautiful.

I am looking forward to Loutraki, the small town by the sea, where I have already vacationed many years ago.

A beautiful trottoir runs along the coast, cafes, restaurants and traditional shops, children on bicycles and many benches right by the sea.

The term “crisis” is often linked to Greece in recent years. I see it differently, for me, Greece is the challenge of space and life as an adventure.

Pleasantly quiet and relaxed it is on the peleponnes, intact nature, a lot of culture and the ancient heritage everywhere.

Everything began in the historical city of Corinth, where you will find important Greek antiquities such as the monastery of Osios Potapios and the temple of the goddess Hera “Heaion” from the year 800 BC.

There are many tavernas, restaurants and cafes for the indulgence.

The fresh fruits and the vegetables are regional.

The “catch of the day” looks great. Octopus, pulpo and mussels. I love Greek cuisine.
In addition, beautiful Greek wine and later a Frappé.

“Kalo Kalokeri” (“nice summer”).

Life is joyful in Corinth. According to Xenophon, warriors came from Sparta to Loutraki to regenerate after the battle. According to legend, the goddess Artemis protects the source.
Perhaps that is why the Loutraki mountain water is healing to everybody.

For me the “Thermal Spa” in Loutraki belongs on every bucketlist.

My tip: After bath you should have to enjoy a massage.

Wonderful to experience the knowledge of Hippocrates with modern massage techniques.

I feel enlighted and reborn.

Where you can see you can see turquoise-blue sea, mountains, gorges and the vegetation of the Mediterranean.

Culture travelers are satisfied in Akrokorinth is a huge state fortress. It rests on a 575 meter high mountain above the city. The Citadel of Corinth is one of the most imposing castles in Greece. In Greek mythology the place reappears again and again because King Nestor, who became famous by Homer’s “Ilias”, lived here.

Either one is simply fascinated by the mythology, culture and Corinth or one is almost overburdened to the historical data. The journey continues, I relax and just look out the window.

On to Nemea, gentle hills and endless vineyards accompany us.

Nemea is, of course, also connected with the mythology and the twelve tasks of Hercules.

My “Hercules task” was the tasting 21 different wines of the Papaioannou Winery.

Yes, it was a nice tasting. Today, wineries like Papaioannou produce a wide variety of beautiful wines with structure, good acidity and minerality. He simply shows how Greeks enjoy and love their wine.

A delightful tribute to Greek food culture we experienced in the “Fine Dining” restaurant of the 5 star hotel “Casino Loutraki” and the tavern “Maistraliloutraki”.
The cooks in the “Maistraliloutraki” enticed us in their picturesque restaurant with “brutal, local” food and wine.

“Agiortiko” and “Malagousia” wines from the vineyard Papaioannou in the glass, a charming sunset…

I am happy.

An exceptional restaurant, even spoiled palates will be delighted with the Greek-Mediterranean cuisine, short grilled small sardines, shell, octopus, pulpo with spices and lemon. Wonderful classics.

The dinner was fantastic, happy we left the place.
The next morning we travelled to the Corinth Canal, is the absolute Landmark of Corinth which separates the Peleponnese from mainland Greece and connects the Gulf connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf.

The ravine cut by a human hand into a limestone massif is impressive. 6.3 kilometers long and 23 meters wide. Many of the frequently changing rulers, including Alexander the Great, had the idea and dream to dig and cut the canal. Finally in the late 19th century it was completed.

We walked to the bridge center, from here you have a view. A ship was passing through the canal, the rising rocky walls seemed to be streaking.

By the way, is good spot for bungee jumpers to throw themselves into the 90m deep canyon.

Many historical things and mythology you will learn in the region and the remnants of the Ancient Diolkos still remain intact in the area.

My last meeting was a honour, I met the mayor of Loutraki (in the middle), a charming character.

Corinth is beautiful and really recommendable, perfect for culture travelers and families.

Adio, Greece.


Airline: Aegean Air

Hotel .: Mantas in Loutraki


Winery Papaioannou in Nemea
Winery Papaioannou

Bungee jumping in Corinth

Restaurant Maistraliloutraki
Casino Restaurant in Loutraki
Casino Restaurant

The press trip was supported by the “Griechische Zentrale für Fremdenverkehr” in Germany.
Griechische Zentrale für Fremdenverkehr

Photos: Jens Hoffmann

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