GASAG supports the eat! Berlin Gourmet Festival 2019

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GASAG supports the eat! Berlin Gourmet Festival 2019

Berlin has earned a reputation as gastronomic food hotspot and eat!Berlin is a worldwide well-known gourmetfestival. Eating and food in Berlin is truly a joyful and serious matter.

Time to talk with Bernhard Moser, the founder and festival director of the gourmet festival and Rainer Knauber, Head of Group Communication and Marketing at GASAG.

An amuse gueule or amuse-bouche signatures the style of a kitchen.

Which “Berlin Amuse Gueule” would you serve in Berlin City?

Rainer Knauber: A “Currywurst carpaccio” would be too easy. That’s why I’m serving a spoon of cevice from the “Brandenburger Bachsaibling” on tender Neuköllner bulgur, on top of fine flowers of a Berlin roof garden.

Bernhard Moser: No present without a past, Berlin has become better at creating an link between internationality and regionalism. I would serve a piece of smoked sturgeon from the “Forellenhof Rottstock”, prepared on “Teltower turnip” and the “amuse bouche” toped with the spice mixture “Ras el Hanout”. That combines influences of the wide world and great local products from Berlin.

What makes eat! Berlin so special and why was it so important to establish this gourmet festival?

Bernhard Moser: Berlin was five years agoa a place that developed extremely quickly in culinary terms, but has been reduced nationally and internationally only to the “Berlin currywurst” and dance clubs.
My aim was to present Berlin and its high number of Michelin starred restaurants and talented chefs as a gourmet city and a place of food joy enjoyment.

Away from mass and over tourism, towards quality and individuality. In the meantime, Berlin has something of a pioneer role in terms of variety and experimentation in the culinary world.

What’s so special about eat!Berlin and why is it important to you that GASAG is a partner of the festival?

Rainer Knauber: eat! Berlin features the rapid development of the city in terms of quality in recent years, and on the other hand the city has become a epic food hotspot, so this festival also shows the diversity and creativity of this city. All this needs the city to get ahead and to remain an exciting place with a high quality of life. A classic case for a partnership with GASAG.
Since 1847 GASAG has been looking after Berlin.

The Gourmet Festival is almost fully booked.
What do you recommend to those who still want to join the festival?

Bernhard Moser: We have increased the number of events compared to last year. You still can get tickets for eat! Berlin events. I would suggest to discover the festival on a personal way and recommend to have a look at the (current) restaurant guide Gault & Millau. Be inspired by it and join a event away from the “hip” fine dining restaurants. Find out what the Berlin “cooking craftsmen” created for you.

What do you think about strawberries in winter?

Rainer Knauber: I take a closer look in the cold season. Nobody needs raspberries from Chile in wintertime. But if in the winter oranges come from Sicily, then I think that as a convinced European this is okay, especially since the fruit offer is regionally extremely limited.
But we should also remember that you can conserve fruit very well or freeze them.

Bernhard Moser: The subject of energy and sustainability plays an important role in top gastronomy and also for our gourmet festival. Gasag supported us from the beginning in this development. And strawberries in winter would not be on my winter plate. Other wonderful products have high season, which are not fresh in the summer and be the right choice. For example, special cheeses, the different truffles, fish and seafood. Together with Gasag we will design and produce a gourmet seasonal calendar that is informative and visually appealing.
At a glance, the interested can get ideas for alternatives to strawberries in winter.

About GASAG:

GASAG has been supplying energy for over 170 years. On September 19, 1826, a new era began in Berlin, when “Unter den Linden” lit up the first gas laterns. Gone were the days of dark evenings and nights. 20 years later, on January 1, 1847, GASAG was born. The gas quickly entered households, trade and industry on a triumphal march.

Information about the festival program and GASAG:

Photo Credits: Ricarda Spiegel & GASAG

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