Hong Kong – Art that inspires

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Hong Kong – Art that inspires

By Jens Hoffmann.

Just after arrival at HK International Airport Hong Kong welcomes me with a elegant kind of style.

I love this city, some people say something was missing into one of Asia’s buzzzing new hives of innovation and finance. One this was hard to find. The fun. Unlike other world booming cities, where the opening of new theaters, hotels, bar could barely keep up with the demand, HK was always focudes a bit too much on work and making money. I would say it’s not true, if you know the right places. Again, I love Hong Kong, used to work here 2006-2009 with a job on travel related topics on Causeway Bay.

But if you really want to compare the soul of Hong Kong to that of another Western place, it’s not New York or London. It’s Sicily, of all places.

Sicilians are islanders — tough and maritime. They have known colonization, revolution and emigration. They have their cosa nostra, we have our triads. Both the Sicilians and the Cantonese are obsessed with seafood, smuggling, secrecy and saving money. O.K., Hong Kong isn’t The Godfather, but pay attention as you work through our list below:

There’s a hint of Palermo in the hilly, narrow alleyways of old Central and in the shirtless, tattooed men lounging in Kowloon doorways. The city of Hong Kong may rub shoulders with New York and London, but its feet still dangle in the brackish water of a sultry, southern port.

Things to see: The simultaneously iconic and notorious Chungking Mansions is full of wonders – and while many Hongkongers and visitors may have sought out a suit or a curry in the infamous landmark, there’s so much more to this building than one can experience through such a fleeting encounter. In this expansive feature, we explore every nook and cranny of the building to uncover the incredible secrets that lie within.

“Fasten your seat belts, Ladies and Gentlemen”, Etihad Airways glides below the blanket of clouds, setting course for Chek Lap Kok International Airport.

HK International Airport

On the horizon I can see the multicoloured neo signs on Hong Kong Island.

The city’s glisten between the hills like gemstones.

I treat myself to relaxing massages and beauty treatments in accordance with ancient Chinese tradition and local places.

Hong Kong

I like to indulge in traditional Chinese cuisine before my views of the breathtaking scenery of Victoria Harbour at 8pm, which is also some kind of relaxing fun.

For guests looking for a cosmopolitan experience, the hotels stunning rooftop lounge provides a stylish venue for refreshing cocktails complimented by a picturesque bird’s eye view of the Peak.

The Ritz-Carlton (Hong Kong) has been named “Five-Star Hotel” and The Ritz-Carlton Spa by ESPA a “Five-Star Spa”, the hotel is one of 50 spas world-wide to achieve a five-star rating.


Ritz 00069_1220x520

From the city’s traditions and culture to its modern amenities and exciting attractions, the luxurious five-star experience makes happy. This quality stay enables the Ritz to one of the greatest experience. Worldwide, not only in Asia.

So lets say far-flung exotic escape to finest luxury we seek for latest innovations and reflections and found them in HK.

Hong Kong bits the vibrant dragon amongst the metropoles of this world which never sleeps.

Ritz Carlton

Living in style.