Dzien Dobry – Hotel Dwor Oliwski / Gdansk /Poland

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We travelled to Poland. The Dwor Oliwski is the star and you will fall in love straight away.
What is luxury? Luxury used to mean the best money could buy. Very simple. Today, it’s more complicated. Today luxury means different things to different people.

Dwor Oliwski is a beautiful luxury location. Furthermore it was the base of the german soccer team during the Euro 2012 in Poland.
Dwor Oliwski

So nearby you will find a lovely brand new football pitch tailormade for the german team.
The staff is perfect and the hospitality of this place was great.
In the afternoon, we had a bit of conventional luxury.
Louis Roederer Four Seasons BKK

Besides this the food is great , especially when you like the polish cousine.
Try all different kinds of Piroggi, it is really yummy and you can become addicted.

Viva Poland.
Dwor Oliwski

Funny story, We love “Global nomads” and met this guy in Poland.

Living in style.

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