Hotel News: Ennismore, the world’s fastest-growing lifestyle hotel operator, is pleased to announce the achievement of a significant milestone: the opening of its 100th hotel

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The company rocks the hotel market:

The 100th house – the flagship SO/ Paris – officially opened its doors just now in Paris.

This significant milestone follows a period of strong growth. The development is based on a strong pipeline with a focus on Europe, the Middle East, North and Central America and Asia. Ennismore’s brands and properties forge unique connections with local and international guests through significant cultural programming and an authentic flavor of restaurants and bars. F&B revenue accounts for around 50 percent of total revenue – nothing shows the local roots of each brand more clearly than this number. Ennismore is proud to be a coalition of brands created and built by entrepreneurs and founders with creativity and passion. The partnerships are characterized by vision and pioneering spirit. The foundation for this merger of lifestyle brands was laid in October 2021 – a joint venture between Sharan Pasricha and Accor, bringing together 14 brands and 87 operating units.

Since then, Ennismore has quickly grown to 100 homes and will have another 30 new homes open by the end of 2022 – an average of one every two weeks. The most recent openings are 25hours Hotel One Central (Dubai), Gleneagles Townhouse (Edinburgh), JO&JOE (Rio de Janeiro), Mama Shelter (Lisbon), Mondrian Shoreditch (London), SLS Puerto Madero (Buenos Aires) SO/ Sotogrande (Spain) , The Hoxton Poblenou (Barcelona) and TRIBE Bali (Kuta Beach). Ennismore ensures unique experiences in all properties. This is done with the help of four in-house, specialized studios that take care of all touchpoints with guests: AIME Studios (an award-winning interior design studio), Carte Blanched (a fully integrated F&B concept studio), Partnership Studio (which drives global partnerships and brand awareness) and Staymore (a lab for digital products and tech innovation). This ability to build brands in a meaningful and purposeful way distinguishes the company and ensures cultural relevance and attractiveness for guests. Lifestyle is one of the fastest growing segments of the hotel industry. Ennismore also has a fast-growing pipeline with an additional 160 hotels and branded residences (totalling over 26,000 rooms) under development. In the coming year, Ennismore is currently planning to open more than 35 hotels, including: 21c Museum Hotel (St. Louis), 25hours Hotel (Sydney), Hyde (Queenstown), Mama Shelter (Dubai), Mondrian (Bordeaux), SO/ Uptown (Dubai), TRIBE (Bangkok) and The Hoxton (Brussels) with the coworking space Working From_.

Sharan Pasricha, Founder and Co-CEO of Ennismore: “This is a big moment for Ennismore. Reaching the 100th house so early is an incredible achievement. Through our commitment to creating truly unique lifestyle brands, we get very close to our guests. We are extremely excited about what the future holds for Ennismore and our brands.”

Gaurav Bhushan, Co-CEO of Ennismore: “The opening of our 100th home demonstrates our strong growth and the destiny of our lifestyle brands. We’ve re-entered some very exciting countries since October 2021, including Argentina, Colombia, Cambodia, Denmark and Portugal. In the coming years we look forward to entering Belgium, Canada, China, Ireland and Malta, the Philippines, Uruguay and Vietnam.”

Ennismore is a creative hospitality company – a global conglomeration of brands developed by entrepreneurs and founders who wanted to create something meaningful. Ennismore manages and operates unique properties, delivering exceptional customer experiences in some of the most exciting places on earth. Founded in 2011 by Sharan Pasricha, Ennismore entered into a joint venture with Accor in 2021 to create a new, standalone company in which Accor holds the majority stake.

The creation of the world’s fastest-growing lifestyle hospitality company combines Ennismore’s expertise in building brands with creative storytelling, design and authentic experiences with Accor’s deep knowledge of scaling, networking and distribution. Led by Founder and Co-CEO Sharan Pasricha and Co-CEO Gaurav Bhushan, Ennismore brings together 14 brands with 100 properties and an additional 160 properties in the pipeline, as well as a collection of 150 culturally significant and diverse restaurants and nightlife venues.

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