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House & Hotel Magazine was in the beautiful city Tallinn. We checked in @ the Hotel Telegraaf and enjoyed this fantastic 5 Star hotel.

The Revaler Handels Bank built this magnificent building in the old town of Tallinn at Vene Street 9 in 1878.
It was designed by the architect Peter Schreiberg from St. Petersburg and was originally a four storey house, the two topmost floors added later.

Later on when the Republik of Estonia was established in 1918, the building was used as the post and telegraph center. The building retained this function in Soviet period. In 2005, the wing of the building which had been destroyed in World War II was rebuilt.
In the 19th century, the telegraph changed the world forever.
Today the ability to appreciate an individual moment is rare. More rare are still those who can create the moments. So come over.
E.g. the Telegraaf restaurant Tchaikovsky presents a symphony of Russian cuisine. In 1878 it was an exchange station for the Estonian Telegraph company. This luxury hotel in Tallinn is located in the medieval Old Town next to the Town Hall Square, which dates back to the 13th century. Unparalleled service in an historic ambience makes it the ideal choice for discovering the new Tallinn.
In the guestbook you will find celebrities like Albert II, their Majesties King of the Belgians, Lenny Kravitz, Bob Dylan and a few more…

Telegraphy, the long-distance transmission of written messages without the physical transport of letters, was invented in the 19th century. At first, signals were forwarded by sound (drums, bells, sirens) and light (fires, torches, semaphores). But in 1837, Samuel Morse and his telegraphic code of long and short signals,revolutionized the transmisson of electric impulses through.

Tallinn was the Sailing hub for the Olympic Summer Games 1980 in Moscow (they do not have sea access).

We had a great time.


Living in style.

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