House Gervasutti Refuge / Courmayeur / Italy

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So take a look, at Gervasutti Refuge in Italy ia Prefab Tubular Alpine Pod Home.

A solar-powered tubular mountain cabin that was installed on Mt. Blanc – by helicopters! This energy-efficient prefabricated pod was built out of high-quality materials that have zero impact on the sensitive environment in which it was placed. Since it is a temporary structure and fully recoverable, mountain climbers who brave the 9,300 foot summit can use it to take shelter from the elements while at the same time respecting nature in all its glory.

Gervasutti refuge represents style and architecture, it has six contact points with the ground and while the elongated shape creates nearly 100 square feet of interior space that sleeps up to 15 people.

Everything – from the exterior shell to the interior fittings – is modular so that when the time comes, the refuge can be relocated elsewhere. The solar panels installed on the roof produce solar energy – making it completely self-sufficient – and it only took two days to install. This truly is a remarkable achievement in modular design.

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