Mount Athos – Halkidiki / Northern Greece

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Destinationreport Mount Athos (Northern Greece)

Contributed by Jens Hoffmann.

The Mount Athos region is a place with thousands of colours and variations, truly a place that eliminates the distance between the wonders of nature.
The peninsula with the three finger look -Kassandra, Sithonia, Athos- is like a trident pierce of the Aegean Sea, combining shores of beautiful beaches, hills and mountains with lush landscape of forest.

Everything is sited wisely in harmony. I love it.

Athos - Jens

Three hundred whole kilometres of coastline, numerous beaches and coasts, bays, islands, crystal waters.
Just beautiful.


We spent a few days there on the third finger of Halkidiki. This third finger has an interesting story.

Mount Athos, has banned all women for the past thousand years. Athos is a monastic peninsula, but also a state within Greece, with carefully secured ports and borders, preventing all women, and men without the necessary permits, from entering.

You should have to apply for a three day visa first.

Athos 3

In Ouranoupoli (nearby Mount Athos) we checked in at the 5-star hotel “Alexandros Palace”.


After a short swim at the pool, I was ready for the private beach and sea. So nice.


The hotel is located just on the beginning of the third finger, a more than perfect location for our Athos experience.

Halkidiki appears to bow to the wishes of all visitors in a purely personal level, sending a friendly but mysterious gesture of hospitality since it remains natural scenery.

The location was once the gateway — depending on which direction you were headed — to Asia, the Balkans, and Athens and the Peloponnese to the south.

Furthermore a lovely food destination.

The Eagles Palace Hotel is located in Ouranoupoli just at the beginning of the third finger on Chalkidiki.

Eagles Palace pioneering in offering high level culinary and cultural experiences, truly a joyful place place (I was already guest with my family in 2012). This time we had just a lovely “Athonian lunch menu”.

Ooctopus, sea bass, Asyrtiko (white wine) and homemade sweet tomatos. Yummy, thanks Ilias.


Sweet happy ending.


It is a member of the “Small Luxury Hotels” and one of the few luxury resorts in Greece that manages to melt into its surrounding, combining impeccable services and breathtaking environments.

This unique luxury resort in Greece just a breath away from Mount Athos, promises an unforgettable vacation full of grandeur and greek hospitality.

Whether it is the sacred grounds of Mount Athos or the spiritual vibe nature offers, or a combination, this breathtaking Spa hotel is a true spiritual experience. Surrounded by the most beautiful golden beaches in Greece, the lush gardens of olive, palm and pine trees and the towering Mount Athos.

It welcomes families with the five-star domicile addressing the wishes of parents and children with a pampering programme and family comfort.

The family Tournivoukas, CEO Tor Hotel Group and his wife envisioning the future and respecting the pastand they have made major renovations at the hotel.
I enjoyed most one of the new projects l”Artist in Residence”.

The press trip was supported by “Griechische Zentrale für Fremdenverkehr – Direktion für Deutschland”

Visit Greece.

Visit Greece

We enjoyed it and will come back.

Place to check-in:

Alexandros Palace
The Eagles Palace
Water cruises around Mount Athos.
Athos Cruises

Living in style.