My lovely Luxembourg

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One thing common to all guests of the small country is the desire to bring the visitor clother to Europe.

Contributed by Jens Hoffmann

Here you can feel Europe. The rich history and the aim to ensure the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital within the EU market is still alive, here you can feel the old Europe.

I was here to taste all kinds of Cremant and to enjoy the cultural life of Luxembourg, La Moselle and Schengen. Schengen is a small wine-making village, near the tripoint where the borders of Germany, France, and Luxembourg meet.

In this small city was the contract signed to abolish passport controls in Europe.

Luxembourg is easy to fell in love with; Luxembourg city is a place which is simply awesome.

Very beautiful and quite underrated.

Arriving a Luxembourg International Airport. The sun is shining, and we are happy, check-in at the Mélia.

The Mélia Luxembourg is surrounded by the Philharmonic concert hall is a modern building which hosts opera, jazz and classical music, institutions and museums, is a lovely place.

Next door is the Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM), great innovative art, photography, design, multi-media and fashion. The building itself, all stone and glass and light, is the greatest piece of art melanging the vestiges of the historical fort with a modern building.

The city host a lot of of contemporary architecture, the Place de l’Europe which celebrates the setting of the European Institutions. Luxembourg was founded in 963 is a founding member of the European Union.

Also fun to explore the old town; let´s go to the Casemates!

A own network of tunnels, war memorial and look-out points.The Bock Casemates offer a great place to get lost along narrow stone corridors, while enjoying fabulous views across the Pétrusse river valley.

The city tour continued along the Wenzel cultural and nature trail towards the picturesque quartier “Grund” area and finished with a stroll through the streets, filled with delicatessens, gourmet and win shops.

The ancient streets, alleyways and squares of the old town featured are on UNESCO’s world heritage list, we wandered past the Grand-Ducal Palace, the city residence of the Grand Duke.

The palace has a bit of “Buckingham stlye”and one of the most beautiful facades in the city.

Before we walked into the world’s longest underground tunnel system.

Just over one third of city residents are natives. Considered the very epitome of the European ideal, the other two third are made up of 166 different nationalities.

A real treat for nature lovers, is the region La Moselle along the river and towards picturesque villages.
Local food and culinary experiences of good standards are served in many restaurants and brasseries.

Lunch was a gigantic feast of cheese and meats.

The three days were simply not enough to discover everything about a country so full of surprises.
Romantic breaks, relaxing moments, select wine and Cremant enjoymnent.

Wine connaisseurs and travellers dreams come true. Simply awesome.


Hotel Melia Luxembourg**** 1, Park Dräi Eechelen, L-1499 Luxembourg Tel: +352/ 27 33 31

Hotel de L’Ecluse, 29, Wäistross, L-5450 Stadtbredimus – Tel: +352/ 23 61 91 91


ca(fé) sino (Forum of Contemporary Art)

41, rue Notre Dame,

L-2240 Luxembourg


“Dräi Eechelen” Museum

MUDAM, Luxembourg’s Museum of Contemporary Art

La Moselle Region


115, route du Vin, L-5416 Ehnen Tel: +352/ 76 00 26

Grevenmacher “Wäimoart” (Weinmarkt)

Biodiversum’ Nature Reserve Haff Réimech.

Europe Museum in Schengen-City:

The presstrip was supported by Tourismusverband Luxembourg:

Living in style.