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Destination Northern Italy.

Torino is the Fiat home town and the Hotel NH Lingotto is situated in the historically-significant former Fiat automobile factory.

The roof was used until 1982 to test new Fiats- in the beautiful historic city of Torino.

The hotel space was totally redesigned by world-renowned architect Renzo Piano and is a striking blend of the contemporary and the historic. The hotel’s first floor features numerous boutiques, cafes and much more, while the top floor houses the extraordinary Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli art gallery.

The hotel features 240 rooms and suites that evoke an up-market loft-like atmosphere with their stylish furniture, cherry wood wall paneling, the original Fiat factory’s floor-to-ceiling windows and stunning views. The hotel’s central Garden of Wonders is a magnificent tropical garden viewable from guest rooms and the hotel’s public areas. Enjoy Turino.

Come over, perhaps combine it with short visit in Milano.

For foodies: Carlo e Camilla

The kitchen is entrusted to the Chef Luca Pedata and a team of young chefs under the direction of Chef Carlo Cracco. The culinary offer is a concert of clear and unexpected details flavors. The origin of everything is very high quality raw materials, selected in full compliance with the seasons and favoring the production of the territory.

ASounds easy, but only works with a special sense of intuition: “It always starts from a blank sheet of paper, from a silence, by an empty box. This time the empty box of Tanja Solci, art director, curator of exhibitions, designer of installations, is the historic sawmill grandparents, a factory in 1929 with the aesthetic and creative culture, that box is now the unexpected and magical container that hosts the gastro-bistro Charles and Camilla in Sawmill, born from the encounter between Tanja Solci, Carlo Cracco and Nicola Fanti. The set includes two long wooden tables, noble crystal chandeliers, sessions AG Fronzoni and produced by Jasper Morrison Cappellini. Solci dress the table with an unusual mise en place: an expanse of 100 and white porcelain dishes with different designs, selected out of production of Richard Ginori. A stage set where conviviality and sharing together the history of design

Living in style.

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