One week in México – Endémico

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Me gusta, I like the ups and downs of life. We enjoyed this special location.

We flew in via NY, LA and travelled to Mèxico. If you like different luxury style even luxury cabins, you should try this place. So watch out for this design hotel on a secluded hill in the wine-growing region of Valle de Guadalupe.

The luxury cabins bring you into direct contact with the nature. Blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, the expansive views of the mountains and fertile wine-growing soils are given pride of place.

Endémico, Spanish for endemic, meaning native to a specific region or environment, was designed to highlight the isolation of the desert, singling out the area’s indigenous qualities – something owners Carlos Couturier and Moisés Micha planned to emphasize. Situated just 90min from San Diego, California, this unique landscape is home to some of Mexico’s largest wineries and offers a blend of Mexican culture and artisanal activity. To complement the hotel’s location, the property was designed by a hand-selected local team, who worked in collaboration with Gracia Studio to give it a distinct ambience.


Each of the 20 luxury cabins has unobstructed views of the valley. On the private wooden terraces, we sat under a blanket of stars. Wow. We had lovely local wines and beer while being warmed by a fire. Minimal and understated the cabins may be, modern comforts and deluxe touches have not been overlooked. Monochromatic and with an edited selection of furnishings, they provide comfortable spaces for retreat. From the pool, you can soak up the calming solitude and although the location is quite remote, the onsite restaurant and bar ensure nice food and all kind of drinks you like.

The simplicity of these eco-friendly cabins, staggered among the hills in the wine-growing region of Valle de Guadalupe.

Endémico is more me the number two after Yucatan which is my favourite destination.

We love ecoluxury stlye and felt like at home in the cabin.

You should give it a try, its worth it.

Living in style.

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