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Series: Lovely boutique hotels in Greece

Contributed by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann

Thessaloniki ist one of Europe’s most joyful cities for a break.

The average gives the world its substance, the special things its value. Even a short visit to Thessaloniki feels like stepping into a different world.

Let’s go in the footsteps of Alexander the Great in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the name of my favorite city in northern Greece, named after Alexander the Great’s sister.

The birth town of Aristotle is a dream for travelers who like to enjoy culture, art and lifestyle.

Antiquity and the Balkans have always crossed here. Thessaloniki has always been a melting pot of many nationalities and cultures. After the Greco-Roman-Byzantine period, the city became Ottoman for five hundred years and was the most important city after Istanbul during that time.

To understand why the city is special otakes not long, just walk from Roman Arch of Galerius to the Rotunda.

Narrow streets, beautiful people and splendid old architecture.

It represents still a bit the unknown face of Greece.

The city has been raided a number of times by Roman troops, Saracen pirates, Ottomans and has even be a victim of natural disasters several times, the second-largest city in Greece and the capital of Greek Macedonia. Its nickname is the „co-capital” a reference to its historical status in former times.

The city was founded by King Kassandros. Kassandros named it in honour of his wife ‘Thessalonike’.

Nowadays its Greece’s second major economic, commercial and political centre. The sea port is also of great importance for Greece and the southeastern European hinterland.
Keep an eye out for for outdoor performances. In the heart of the cultural Thessaloniki you will find bars, clubs, concert halls, tavernas, restaurants in big variety thats why the city is well known for its culure and style.

Easy to enjoy the International Film Festival, Thessaloniki Food festival and vibrant life in general.

An important metropolis by the Roman period, Thessaloniki was the second largest and wealthiest city of the Byzantine Empire.
It was conquered by the Ottomans in 1430, and passed from the Ottoman Empire to modern Greece on 8 November 1912. Lovers will surely fall for the city, you will fall for the beautiful sunsets from the waterfront cafes, for the colourful and bright bars and the warm nature of the locals.

You can still feel the city’s connection to its glorious past.

So history is alive in the beautiful architecture of the ancient times.

As different empires invaded the city, they have left their marks at a number of places and you can see the culture of Thessaloniki influenced by them.

The northern Greece capital is home to Byzantine monuments, including the Paleochristian and Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as several Roman, Ottoman and Sephardic Jewish structures.

The city’s main university, Aristotle University, is the largest in Greece and the Balkans with over 130.000 tousand students.

Bucket list: Must seen; a visit to The White Tower, its walls preserve the memories of the stormy course of this great city. The Museum of Byzantine culture is a bit of an easy place, full of artwork.
The church of Agios Dimitrios honours Thessaloniki’s patron saint and depicts some of the most important events of the city’s history being a fine sample of Byzantine religious architecture.
It’s worth it.

For the party people Thessaloniki is one of the funkiest city in the world.

Shoppers will like it as well, stroll on Egnatia Street is fun and if you are a foodie take a look at the largest food market at “Modiano”.


On a visit to “Modiano” you must eat local greek food or just a cake wit a frappe, served at small restaurants and tavernas.

The Aegean Sea, the mountains and the hinterland of the city are always in view. Food wise Thessaloniki was a stunning experience.

In the evening I enjoyed the delightful greek cuisine with octopus, carpacio, sea bass and vegetables paired with Malagousia and Assyrtiko wines in a wonderful ambience.

Paired with wines from the Greek grape variety of Malagousia by Vangelis Gerovassiliou, a brilliant straw colour with greenish shades and an aroma of matured fruit such as pear, mango and citrus.

After strolling down the streets of Thessaloniki and losing yourself in the rich history of the city, all you need is a nice bed overlooking for a good sleep.

Check in:

For the one looking for boutique style and design, The Bahar Hotel is something you should think about or better check-in.

I recommend the 4-star boutique hotel “Bahar”.

My temporary hideaway became a obscure object of my desire. Living here is exciting and special. The design and the kitchen of the hotel combine all the demands on style and aesthetics that you can imagine.
I looked directly on the turbulent city square.

The existence of a hotel like the Bahar is often decided in terms of service. Here it is completely convincing. The staff is perfectly trained everywhere, extremely attentive and pleasantly accommodating.
The Bahar’s cuisine and the city are addicting.A feeling of quality and intimacy washes over you as you sink into the swooping, softly bed.

Sweet dreams (Onira Glyka) guarantee.

The hotel is a cosy oasis, atmospheric, full of fun and joy.

The Bahar Hotel Thessaloniki – boutique style at its best.

I can highly recommend the Hotel Bahar and the coffee bar Sebil.

Information and check-in:

Take a look:Bahar Hotel

The press trip was supported by “Griechische Zentrale für Fremdenverkehr – Direktion für Deutschland”.

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