Tunis – City of fashion

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Tunis – the city of fashion

Contributed by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann

Tunis, Europe’s outpost on the African continent is an intermediate world and a joyful place.

I went there for the “Fashion Week Tunis”.

Truly a discovery, a city between Europe and Africa that embraces all cultures and makes travelers happy.
Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, has been offering fashion fashion for eleven years, a fashion spectacle in the old amphitheater of Kathargo.

A city I Love; I was there not only for fashion, design and lifestyle but also for F&B and culture.

In the Medina (old town) you will find a wealth of historic sites, glorious light, exciting colors, smells, mosaics, historic ruins and oriental flair but also lovely food and joy.

The fashion scene in Tunisia is booming.

Names like the model label “Fichi-Ka” or the designer, Anissa Aida, belong to the international fashion world. There are several pop-up and trendy design stores and fine dining restaurants.

Tunis, the city that has influenced the style of Paul Klee and August Macke with its shapes and colors, with its light and its exoticism, it is the perfect destination for all kind of travellers.


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Photos: Fashion Week Tunis & Jens Hoffmann

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