Marrakech – a fairy tale of 1001 Nights

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Destination Marrakech

“La Mamounia” and “Royal Palm Marrakech”

Contributed by journalist and influencer Jens Hoffmann

It is not very original to attempt a comparison of a hotel in Marrakech as “a fairy tale of 1001 Nights”.

But in the “La Mamounia” and also the “Royal Palm Marrakech” all the clichés about the orient seem to come true.

Only a few minutes by car from Marrakechs center you will find a stylish oasis. The six-star resort offers 137 suites and villas on a spacious and perfectly maintained golf course. In addition to a gym, there is also a spa building that looks like a small palace. These include hammam, sauna and steam room. If you want, you can book beauty treatments, massages, or join and yoga classes. There is a specially reserved area for women.

From each suite you look out onto the golf course. Shy white herons sit among the grasses and olive trees and fly up as you approach them. In the dark, wind lanterns also show the guests the way outside. The service staff is always available, friendly and courteous.

A dinner in the restaurant “La Caravane” is an experience and worth a visit. A narrow wooden bridge leads you up to the entrance at a lofty height and give you the feeling to float.
On the floor of the bridge, lanterns burn in copper vessels and “La Caravane” you sink onto the large cushions and be astonished at first by the richly decorated wooden inlays on the high ceiling and the opulent patterned curtains.

The resto serves traditional cuisine of Morocco. The starters – pickled vegetables, dumplings, pastes, olives – are served on countless small plates. After that Tajines come on the low wooden tables. The stews are cooked for hours in tapered clay pots. They spread the scent of wondrous native spices such as cumin, anise, cinnamon and cardamom. Yummy.

The Royal Palm Marrakech is for me the golf resort No.1 on the outskirts of the city.

The city with its exciting souks is truly worth a visit and belongs on every bucket list.

Perfect joy offers the garden Majorelle.

In both hotels “La Mamounia” & “Royal Palm Marrakech” resort everything is perfectly staged and arranged.
Try it.

Living in style.