A far eastern symphony – Bali / Indonesia

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Indonesia – Destinationreport “My Taman Bali” (Garden of Eden)

Contributed by travel writer Jens Hoffmann

The locals call the island “Taman Bali”, and indeed it is a “Garden of Eden”.


A truly mystical and romantic island. Pristine beaches, lushy green, terraced ricefields.

Eden is now believed to be a joyful stay in fruitful, well-watered location. What we found here was joyful, the healing hotel COMo, set amid the tropical Ayung River valley.

Como Shambhala Estate
Beautiful, relaxing days, we shaked up our chakras at Bali’s most luxurious health retreat. The estate combines spiritual, luxury and holistic wellness deep within the rainforest overlooking the stunning River Ayung.

Well-watered and easy to unstress of life and realign your chi while you’re at it.


The real “wow” factor is the holistic element – this is where you can detox, de-stress and revitalise.

Como Shambhala 2

The holistic COMO Shambhala Estate is more than a normal hotel. It’s a sumptuous combination of the two, staggered up the steep slopes of the sacred Ayung river gorge. Previously known as Begawan Giri, the estate has been recreated and offers you now lot of freedom to choose what you need.

The incredible Residences and Villas display the COMO trademark Asian-meets-European decor.

Alang-alang roofs shelter hand-carved furniture and Chinese antiques; baths are carved from Sumban stone. Each has a private infinity pool. We learned a lot of things about Qi Gong, meditation and Ayurvedic treatments.

For me one of the world’s most beautiful hotels in the Garden of Eden with acres of stunning tropical grounds, riverside forest and plunging hill terraces.

A huge, uniquely styled residence on an island with magical places and lots of holistic inspirations, landscapes and an amazing architecture.

Our cultural hideaway is only a 20-minute drive from Ubud, the setting is pretty remote and once you’re there, you probably won’t leave the grounds and stay in bed or at the pool the whole day.

You share the pool and living areas with everyone, a social open place.

This was a fantastic experience, we will be back soon.

Photos by Ivailo Barzakov

Living in style.