Ayubowan Sri Lanka – A spiritual destination

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If you are looking for a special destination, you will find it in Sri Lanka

Contributed by Jens Hoffmann.

A country in which earth, water and air are spiritually combined.

My journey started in Colombo.

The capital, with its two million inhabitants, is not a metropolis of international standing, but a beautiful place.

Colombo is full of life, modern, colonial and relaxed. A fascinating mix of different ethnic groups and cultures, the blend of old and new makes Colombo so unique

On February 4, 1948, the British Crown Colony Ceylon became independent, since 1972, the country’s name is Sri Lanka.

The country is rich in temples, colonial architecture and white beaches.

Here you will find a more than 2000 year old culture, history and traditions that you can still experience today.

My journey brought me to a impressive jewel with locations like Sirigiya.

On the mountins in Kandy you will find rich green tea plantations and spiritual experiences.

Whether Christian churches, Buddhist monasteries or Hindu temples – they all stand peacefully in Sri Lanka. In the cities everything can be easily reached by tuk tuk.

Along the Galle Road, futuristic palaces of glass and concrete rise up, not far away are Victorian buildings, as you known them from the UK.

Truly a magical place.


The press trip was supported by Visit Sri Lanka.

Living in style.