Stay in a lovely villa in Anttolanhovi – Finland

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Finland by Nicoel Neugebauer.

We checked in a beautifully Art & Design villa and enjoyed the finish ”art of doing nothing” which is what Finnish summers is all about.
Finland night_swimming

If you travel to Finland you will feel that they are all waiting for the summer.

In summer, it’s a wonderful sight.

As a stark contrast to the long and dark winter, Finland’s summer months are warm and light – in the most Northern parts of Finland the sun stays up for over 70 consecutive days. There is no sunset.

When the endless sunlight shows up after the winter, the life of Finns starts again.
I enjoyed very much Kaivopuisto. It offers a nice scenery to spot the passing cruise ships. Perfect way to experience the never-setting sun with friends and a basket of snacks.
Kaivopuisto Park

My personal highlight was the midnight swimming
What a perfect chance to take a dip right by the city!


The city streets may quiet down for a while, but once the bars close the cheerful party crowd takes over the streets.

My tip to escape the hustle and bustle, hit the countryside with friends and family.

Esplanadi Park

I am sportfreak, my personal highlight was golfing under the midnight sun, at a proper 18-hole golf course. Wow.
Fishing is easy, did you know that fish are the hungriest at night? What better timing to go fishing than in the middle of the midnight sun. I enjoyed it very much.

Finally we catched the charm of Lapland, the endless light gives a perfect opportunity on the arctic circle.

The summers are fantastic and welcoming, with temperatures well into the twenties.
I am in love with Finland, the midsummer magic and midnight Sun mythology.

A popular finish belief is that when you lay seven different flowers under your pillow on a Midsummer night, you’ll see your future spouse in your dreams. For me it worked and I had sweet dreams!
My little souvenir from Tove.

Living in style.

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