The GASAG AG supports the Gourmet Festival eat! berlin 2021

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The 10th eat! berlin takes place from October 28th to November 7th, 2021.

Festival director Bernhard Moser will bring chefs from all over Europe to Berlin.
They will cook together with local top chefs.
As always, many Berlin star chefs are represented. Tim Raue (2michelin star) cooks three evenings.

The final gala on November 7th will be a big challenge. An innovative hygiene concept is being worked out. Berlin looks forward to the numerous food events with pleasure.
The eat! berlin, and in particular festival director Bernhard Moser, would like to thank you for the trust and support of partners – such as GASAG – for the enjoyable implementation of all events in 2021.

The eat! berlin attracs with a lot of new food events, Berlin and food especially is under the star of sustainability.

The love of good food drives many Berliners to unknown neighborhoods.

Culinary insider tips can often be found secluded in small streets.

However, only a few people looking for great food locations between the office buildings around the Gasometer Schöneberg (headquarter of GASAG)

Reinhard Müller (CEO of EUREF AG), is a pioneer of a sustainability strategy for the EUREF Campus.

It also includes establishing a colorful variety of restaurants.
That is why Thomas Kammeier, as the gastronomic director of the EUREF campus, is responsible for the good food on campus. In his career he not only collected a Michelin star, but also numerous titles (including three “Berlin Master Chef”), toques and wooden spoons.
He convinces with vegan and vegetarian in different EUREF camous restaurants. The “Greens” surprises with classic burgers from Spreewald Angus, the “Werkstatt” with original Wiener Schnitzel, the “signature dish” of the café in the water tower.

The lunch gastronomy of these restaurants was joined by “The Cord”, a dinner restaurant that attracts guests to the campus in the evenings.

As broad as the gastronomic offer on the EUREF Campus is, the basic idea of ​​sustainability is implemented in a nice manner.
The chefs want to contribute a lot to the environment and are allowed to decide what ends up on the plates, says the food director Kammeier.

Strengthening the region is just as important to Kammeier as it is to GASAG.

Sure that GASAG, the eat! Berlin supports again the gourmet festival in the capital, which is now a fix date in the annual calendar of every gourmet.

About GASAG:

GASAG has been supplying energy for over 170 years. On September 19, 1826, a new era began in Berlin, when “Unter den Linden” lit up the first gas laterns.

Gone were the days of dark evenings and nights. 20 years later, on January 1, 1847, GASAG was born.

Information about the GOURMET Festival eat!berlin program and GASAG:

Article is contributed by Kay Szantyr & Jens Hoffmann

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