Islands we love: Mamma Mia Island – Skopelos (Greece)

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Perfect elegance – Skopelos on the Sporades

The charms of Skopelos “Mamma Mia Island”, a perfect location to get married?


Contributed by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann

I love the Mamma Mia “ABBA” movie.

Here’s the plot.

A beautiful girl named Sofie is getting married to a British guy on Skopelos. Both of them are dewy with youth. The girl has secretly invited three men from her mom’s past, each of whom may be her biological father. Hilarity ensues.

That’s about it, a perfect (ABBA) musical with a easy plot.

The main location of the movie is Skopelos..

Lets talk about hotels (my business!) I checked in.

The Luxury Boutique Hotel Natura on Skopelos.

When you talk about a hideawy in the hotel industry, you usually mean a hotel in an idyllic location.

The 5-star Hotel Nature is located in Glossa.

Directly on the harbor, a beauty location which calls for an adequate residence.

The boutique hotel offers a special flair and a cosmopolitan atmosphere

Luxurious lofty home decor fascinates me. The entire building is furnished in the style of a elegant boutique hotel.

The lobby welcomes you with Mediterranean design. Architecture with a puristic, lofty design, the color scheme is well chosen.

The lighting is discreetly designed, a modern and inviting overall impression.

I live in the loft myself, I like this style. The rooms are spacious and offer every comfort, nice the bath products; smelling is often more important to me than hearing and seeing.

Luxury a bit, yes, but casual and relaxed.

This is the best way to describe my suite.

This also applies to the outfit, the dress code is “casual”.

A lot of attention to detail, no constraints, the guests should feel comfortable, and that is what you do on Skopelos. The existence in the luxury niche is decided primarily in the service and here the Natura boutique hotel is completely convincing.

The staff is well trained, extremely attentive and very accommodating.

Culinary highlights are grilled octopus, greek salad and wonderful grandma made pies.

A nice Assyrtiko wine from Santorini paired my dinner.

The art of doing nothing is perfect for body and soul.

The next day I enjoyed the Panormos beach, came back and enjoyed my coffee on the hotel terrace.

Espresso and a frappe. Connoisseurs of the Greek culinary culture know that there are three ways to enjoy the café: Skétos, without sugar, Métrios with a little sugar and Glykós – very sweet.

Delicious. Enjoyment is celebrated with flair. THe fresh food is simple and exquisite.
High quality olives and oil, freshly picked herbs and sun-ripped tomatoes.

The breakfast was also served on the terrace of the hotel restaurant right by the sea.

It presented itself like a masterpiece: feta cheese, lots of fruits and olives.

The regionally known cheeses from soft and creamy to hard and dry come from sheep, goat or cow and are called Kefalotyri, Myzithra, Anthothyros.



A hideaway in the truest sense of the word, I give the Natura Hotel in Glossa five stars in the sum of all ratings.

The Hotel Natura convinced the well-traveled journalist.

I will be back soon. Skopelos is great.



Natura Hotel


Dolphin of Skopelos

Visit Skopelos



Agnanti Restaurant Bar – Glossa

The press trip was supported by the “Griechische Zentrale für Fremdenverkehr” in Germany.

Griechische Zentrale für Fremdenverkehr

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