Pillow talk – Hyatt House in Dusseldorf

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Review Hyatt House Hotel in Dusseldorf.

Contributed by feature reporter Jens Hoffmann.

A higlight in every sense of the word.

The traditional location looks back on a colourful history.

Yes, it was fun. The first hotel of the Hyatt House brand opened in Dusseldorf’s Andreas Quartier.

The location of the luxury hotel is more than extraordinary, it is located in the former district court house. Easily accessible from the main train station and the airport.

The location has a special flair and gets through the Hyatt House a cosmopolitan charm.

The Hyatt House has truly transformed a beautiful, spacious building. The interior was designed by Jan Wichers, a well-known German designer, who has already designed various hotels and restaurants worldwide.

The (appartment) hotel offers 102 suites, each suite is very spacious (starting from 42qm).

The charm of luxurious home decor is everywhere, the whole building is designed in the style of a elegant boutique hotel.

Exciting architecture with puristic, lofty design, the color scheme is well chosen. The lighting is discreet, a modern and inviting overall impression. I myself live in a loft and like this puristic style. I feel good like at home. On the second floor is the lounge with soft drinks and newspapers. The guests enjoy a personal area, this offers soft drinks, books, newspapers and magazines, unfortunately no small snacks as in other lounges.

In our Suite 310 there was plenty of space, art, two large beds and a small balcony.
To provide guests with a comfortable environment, the hotel has spacious rooms and suites with fully equipped kitchens, open plan living spaces and everything needed for everyday life.

A perfect city apartment. Wow!

Furthermore in all suites you will find alot of art and style, generous bath areas with rainforest showers, seperate toilets and nice shower amenities.
The existence in the luxury niche is decided above all in the service and also here the hotel convinces completely. The staff is perfectly trained, extremely attentive and very accommodating.

I like the concept and enjoyed the stay at the Hyatt House.

Check-in and take a look:

Hyatt House

About Hyatt House: Launched in 2012, Hyatt House offers an alternative to classic hotel accommodation, with more than 75 locations in the US, China and Puerto Rico. In the hotels, guests become residents. Primarily aimed at long-term guests, Hyatt House offers fully equipped studio suites, convenient service, spacious public areas, and leisure and training facilities to ensure a comfortable living experience.

The stay was supported by Hyatt House.

Living in style.