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Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais

Contributed by Kathrin Sion

Costa do Sol – Coast of the Sun, a great place to be

The beautiful coastline with its picturesque seaside resorts and picturesque villages offers sandy beaches and rugged cliffs.

In Lisoba you will find pure culture, architecturally masterpieces, beach, excellent restaurants and a lot of things to discover. If you want to spend a long weekend or your vacation here, you are spoiled for choice between small, large and luxury hotels – and lovely holiday homes that can be rented. An absolute highlight in this area, one of the most beautiful regions on the Portuguese west coast, nestled in the lush Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, is a series of Victor’s Portugal luxury holiday properties.

These have been designed by Susanne Kleehaas, Managing Director of Victor’s Residence Hotels, with absolute attention to detail – in her very unique style, with a variety of colors and shapes. 25 individual pieces of jewelery, each in a different color concept. But not only the furniture, the walls and curtains are adapted to this color concept. Also the glasses, napkins and towels, the lampshades, the bed linen and the dishes. Susanne Kleehaas’ eyes light up as she tells how she gets all these items in furniture stores, decoration shops, antique shops, and flea markets, how she imagines the silver snail would fit in with the black shelf, and the turquoise glasses with the towels in the back Kitchen harmonize. These houses are their “babies” that she cherishes and cares for.

The journey begins with a wonderful dinner in the wine cellar of the Villa Madeira – and of course with a port wine. The wine cellar is a refigium, here you can party – and guests can rent this cellar. Portuguese specialties are served, hot and cold, prawns, delicious bread. Wine from the area around Lisbon, from the area Duoro, Alentjo. Delicious – and the perfect match to the Portuguese way of life. Amalia Rodrigues sings Fado – and everyone gets slightly melancholy. That too is Portuguese way of life.
The next morning we start to visit the houses. In the cool Casa Negra, the luxurious interior is matched to the color combination of black and white, from the opulent furniture to the carpets, pictures and vases. Not far away is the Villa Pink. “In men, Pink is still ranked 8,” says Susanne Kleehaas and opens the door. Wow! Pink is pink is pink. Next door, a house in orange, in turquoise, silver, blue … in total, 25 houses belong to Victors’ Portugal. 19 garden villas (with 1 to 3 bedrooms) and six pool villas. These always have four bedrooms, each with en suite bathroom, a huge garden, a private pool.

The kitchens are the dream of every cook in every villa. No one is looking for a bottle opener or a sharp knife, up to cutting boards, candles, napkins, bowls, decanters … ..all is available.

One of the most beautiful houses, I think, is Villa Branca. If you enter the living room on 240 square meters, is overwhelmed: Almost everything is kept in white, beds, curtains, the elegant dining table in the living room, sofas, armchairs, carpets. Mirrored chandeliers, lamps, heavy glass tables and huge mirrors throughout the house create a glamorous atmosphere. Wooden parquet and the real wooden doors make it cozy at the same time. Furnishing in the highest perfection. TV, stereo system, Wi-Fi, nowhere was saved. And even the front door keys with lush tassels are kept in white. We live in the Villa Clara, also kept very bright. My view from the window goes into the garden, the pool and the benches, the olive trees. This absolutely blue sky. The sun shines on my face with a morning greeting.
No matter if Casa or Villa: Who dives here, would not want to leave – certainly not when the sun shines in December and the thermometer rises to 20 degrees.

If you love the sea, looking for relaxation and a little luxury on top of that, is in good hands here.

Stay tuned, we will feature more posts of the World Heritage Site around the Natural Park Sintra-Cascais.

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