I miss New Orleans – Waldorf Astoria The Roosevelt / New Orleans / USA

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Sophisticated style in New Orleans – Waldorf Astoria “The Roosevelt”.

Text: Feature reporter Jens Hoffmann

It begins when you stand outside The Roosevelt, the place gives you immediatly a great feeling

This luxury hotel was opened in 1893, later on the hotel was purchased by a group of investors and renamed “The Roosevelt Hotel” (in honor of late former president Theodore Roosevelt) in 1923. In 1965 it was acquired by Fairmont Hotels.

Although officially renamed “The Fairmont” the hotel continued to be called “The Roosevelt”.

The name – which for nearly a half-century meant the finest luxury accommodations, entertainment and dining, as well as world-famous beverages and celebrities – returned to New Orleans, reborn as a Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

From the moment you enter the lobby you feel perfect, the Grand Hotel, has 504 rooms and suites.

Queen Queen-Photo a

There suites, some named for celebrities who once visited the hotel; signature fine-dining and an entertainment space guaranteed to rival any other in the Gulf South and a 12,000-square-foot, world-class Guerlain spa and fitness center.

The cost of the renovation, which includes every detail from restored chandeliers to first-class accommodations, making the project one of the largest private investments in downtown New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina and one of the most significant projects in years for the city’s hospitality industry.

For generations, New Orleanians and visitors from around the world loved their city not only for the music and the famous Bourbon Street.

New Orleans 2

They enjoyed The Roosevelt because of its reputation for glamour, excitement and comfort.

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The Sazerac Bar, a Roosevelt landmark for decades, again serves its signature Sazerac cocktail and Ramos Gin Fizz – both invented in New Orleans and made popular
worldwide by The Roosevelt – among other delights.

Finally, The Roosevelt also is known to hotel aficionados the world over as having inspired Arthur Haley’s best-selling 1965 novel “Hotel.”

Its worth it to check in.

Restaurant tip in New Orleans: The Dragos Seafood Restaurant

We enjoyed fantastic osyters. The chef de cuisine Drago served them “raw” or “charbroiled”. The Charbroiled version was the best one we ever had, first the oysters are filled with butter and garlic. Then it’s time for the next step, the grilling of the oysters, later on Parmesan and Romano Cheese.

Digital Photographic image by Jerry Ward Photography

Yummy. The Chef de cuisine said: “Mother Nature made the oysters. We just perfected them.” The single best bite of food in New Orleans.

The Roosevelt

“Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans”.
Music by Louis Alter, lyrics by Eddie Delange.
New Orleans (1947) by Arthur Lubin, with Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Zutty Singleton, Barney Bigard, Kid Ory, Bud Scott, Red Callender & Charlie Beal.
Actors : Dorothy Patrick, Arturo de Córdova, Richard Hageman.

Living in style.