Sayonara – Shima Kanko Bay Suites Hotel

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Japan is full of contrasts

Visiting the Shima Kanko Bay Suites Hotel

Contributed by Jens Hoffmann

A press trip brought me to Japan.

Landing in Nagoya is different. The city is located in the Chubu region, easy to reach, but far enough away to present something exotic for a trvel writer.

It is not without reason that Nagoya, the birthplace of Toyota, is called a place of contrasts. Here you will find Buddhist traditions, magnificent shrines and pagodas and pioneering technology.
Where do I stay? Looking for stylish and elegant days, the Shima Kanko Hotel Bay Suites offers perfect relaxation.

The hotel is located in the middle of Ise-Shima National Park. Standing on the shores of the lake, enjoying the fine Bay Suites you will define luxury differently. The hotel rules a purist style different than in Europe.
You will find Japanese tradition, classic design, quality fabrics and Japanese hospitality.
Now I know why Emperor Hiroito liked to spend the night writing poetry here. In 2016, the hotel was the venue for the G7 Summit and temporary hideaway for President Obama.

The “room with a view” experience is guaranteed. All suites have a balcony and the view on the Ago bay, I melt there. The traditional tea ceremony with the hotel’s Tea Master was simply mind-blowing. A big Wow, I’ve never learned so many things about tea. Body and soul are cared for in the spa of Shima Kanko. The Oasis of the Senses offers a huge swimming pool, sauna and fitness and a wide range of treatments and massages. On request also completely private in the suite. Exciting is the huge ZEN hotel garden. Here, many wild birds land and beautiful sunsets are guaranteed in the Ago Bay.

For the physical well-being is provided in the restaurants of the hotel. Japanese Beef, whether from Kobe or Matsusaka, tofu, miso and Kishimen noodles spoil the palate and enchant me completely. The house also houses the fine French restaurant “La Mer”. I will try this next time, serving fine French cuisine, many fish dishes and excellent lobster. In addition beautiful wines from the great locations of the whole world. You have to travel with the Shinkasen train. Nagoya is the perfect transportation hub and the Shinkansen connects the city with Tokyo, Takayama and Kyoto. On-time arrival is guaranteed, the average delay of the Shinkanse is often only seconds throughout the year. Madness.

Everything works a little differently here. The doors are pushed open, the keys open counterclockwise, you take off your shoes everywhere, kneel on the floor and change your slippers before going to the bathroom. It is the blend of tradition that makes Japan a journey for the senses.

Sayonara, I will be back soon.

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