Suisse style de luxe – Palace Gstaad / Switzerland

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Hotel Gstaad Palace is one of my favourite hotels in Switzerland.

It is set on a hill overlooking the beautiful town of Gstaad and offers a breathtaking view of the majestic Swiss Alps.

Built in 1913 it has earned an unrivalled reputation for discret, refined hospitality over the years, and has always welcomed the most discerning international stars like Roger Moore, Liz Taylor and Prince Charles. It is a great five star hotel in distinguished surroundings and a relaxing ambiance; over 250 employees makes you happy 24/7.
The hotel Gstaad Palace architecture gives it away, a roofline embellished with three crenelated towers and a fourth topped by a witch’s cap. Impossible to build a hotel like this in Gstaad today, given the strict architectural code that dictates a chalet style. Here, billionaire egos bow to a community aesthetic, which has given Gstaad a very pleasing homogenous fabric. But it’s also highlighted the Gstaad Palace: Standing on the top of Gstaad, the seven-story hotel looks like a giant chess piece. What I love about the Gstaad Palace is that is is an old-style grand resort hotel. You’re here to unwind, savor, dress well, dine well, swim in a 50-meters-long pool and play tennis on four lighted courts.


If that’s not enough, there are a couple of things to do on, ski, hiking and biking in the mountains surrounding Gstaad. The hotel features a spa and health club spread over 1 800 m², including 8 treatment rooms, a private spa suite, saunas and steam baths, relaxation areas with spectacular views, an indoor pool and an outdoor pool with Jacuzzi, a state-of-the-art gym, a pilates studio and a unique hammam experience with 7 rooms.

The lobby lounge is a an old-school example of design that brings people together in the evening: clusters of arm chairs in coral-and-white plaid, nicely worn-in leather couches, a fireplace in which you will start to dream, air redolent of leather and charred wood and if you look up, a gorgeous wood ceiling. It’s all very ‘50s aristo European.

My feeling throughout the Palace was just great, I guarantee that you will like it to walk into the lobby lounge at 8pm and feeling a bit like 007 James Bond or perhaps Liza Minelli.

We checked in a big room #”310″. Just at the back of the hotel, this gave us the finest views. To look out on the massive Wassengrat and Wispilli, both nearly 6,000 feet high.
Think about it: The higher the floor, the better the view, as always.

Besides all the pampering: Here you can enjoy all kind of traditional Swiss dishes, savoury barbecue specialities, Italian menues and surely exquisite gourmet cuisine at the hotel’s 5 superb restaurants.
It comes together with all kind of great wines.


Resumee: Its worth it to check in and find out more about Gstaad.

Living in style.

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