The Shaman of travel in Kassandra (Greece)

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The “Hotel Rigas” on the Kassandra peninsula

Contributed by travel wirter and influencer Jens Hoffmann

The Hotel Rigas offers exactly what the guests looking for: a beautiful first-class boutique hotel with a lot of charm.

I am picked up at the airport and taken by a vip taxi to the Hotel Rigas in Afitos, 90 km away.

My temporary domicile is right by the sea. It is located on the Kassandra peninsula, in the Chalkidiki region of eastern Greece, one of my favorite destinations in Europe.

To the destination

Kassandra is the westernmost peninsular finger of Halkidiki. The entrance to Kassandra is impressive, as it is connected to Chalkidiki by a bridge at Nea Potidäa, the first village you drive through, an island separated from the mainland by the Potidea Channel.

Kassandra’s previous name was Flegra, the place of fire.

According to Greek mythology, the region was the home of the giants and became their battleground when they tried to drive the gods from Olympus during this period.
Greece is full of mythology.

If you regards Athos as the ring finger and Sithonia as the middle finger, then Kassandra is the index finger with which the holy mountain Mount Athos is pointed out.

Playing with the geography of Chalkidiki has its charm, because Kassandra offers more than just the blue, sparkling Aegean Sea.

Guest come to Kassandra in search of peace and harmony – and they are not disappointed.

Kassandra offers culinary enjoyment and is a classic destination for the residents of Thessaloniki.

You can feel that in the urban lifestyle, the Greek day trippers and the multitude of local bungalows on the peninsula.

The region is cultivated and reflects the cosmopolitan awareness of the inhabitants of the ‘second’ capital of Greece.

Everywhere, and especially in the Hotel Rigas, the sense of hospitality is celebrated.

Light blue sea water and beautiful cuisine are simply part of Kassandra.

The numerous beaches promise every vacationer moments of relaxation and recreation.

More than 300 days of sunshine a year are guaranteed, the view from the hotel terrace by the sea enchants me.

When you enter the Hotel Rigas, you immediately feel at home: the reception counter is minimalistic.

White the color of the building and a wonderful terrace with a view over the Aegean Sea, the green of the gardens shines on me.

The facility blends in wonderfully with the coastal landscape and the cuisine leaves no wishes unfulfilled.

The kitchen offers inspirational treats, from light joy, to sophisticated cuisine.

The culinary delights are amazing. we took a seat outside the restaurant.

The outdoor area is on the hotel’s terrace, with a direct view of the sea.

The restaurant has an immediate positive effect on the guest. The cuisine can be described as authentically Greek, with a certain twist of modernity and sophistication of our time.

The multifaceted culinary offer overwhelmed me and I decided to try everything that came on the table. I enjoyed fish, octopus, mussels and lots of vegetables. There was fresh bread, olives, oil, salt and wonderful wines.

The dishes were all delicious and greeted with fine aromas and well-corresponding textures in all dishes.

The heaviness of the Greek cuisine was missing, the enjoyment of fish in all variations was a poem, whether scampi, octopus or tuna.

The fish came to the table grilled to the point, with a crispy, fine-spicy skin.
An excellent craftsmanship. The perfect staff served nice wines.
Perfect pairings all evening.
The sweet finale, different chocolates, ice cream and fruits.

Again, there was a subtle combination of flavors. The fruits gave the desert the necessary freshness and fruity aroma, this much appreciated Greek aftermath.
A nice end to the dinner.

The kitchen quality is absolutely convincing.
The breakfast buffet was also a nice start. The buffet offers an extensive selection, including freshly prepared egg dishes, juices, feta, olives, puff pastries which are refilled by an experienced service team. The glittering firmanent is so close, one can feel that the boutique hotel Rigas truly must be a magical place.

Yammas, I am happy.

Stay tuned my further journey took me to Fokea and Kryopigi…


Hotel Rigas

Hotel Rigas

The press trip was supported by the “Griechische Zentrale für Fremdenverkehr” in Germany.

Griechische Zentrale für Fremdenverkehr

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