Rabenstein Castle – Sightsleeping in Franconian Switzerland / Germany

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Presstrip to Franconian Switzerland in 2014 by Jens Hoffmann

If you ever wanted to sleep in a real castle, “Castle Rabenstein” is the perfect beautiful option.
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Burg Rabenstein3

The hotel is located in the heart of Franconian Switzerland, in the city triangle Bamberg-Bayreuth-Nuremberg, on a plateau looking down into the valley of the Ailsbach river. It sits atop a massive rocky promontory with a great view in all directions.

One of the many illustrious visitors in former times was King Ludwig I.

Nowadays the Castle Rabenstein is a laid back place and offers a wide variety of activities (sport, walking eg.) and is a perfect place to relax.
It has everything guests need, 22 individually decorated rooms.

For lunchtime we enjoyed the rustic “Gutsschenke” tavern offers local, natural cuisine like “Fränkische Sauerbraten” from the Franconian region. Yummy. The beer garden is cooled down by an cluster of age-old trees.
For guests interested in nature, this natural paradise is the perfect destination. We enjoyed the falcony show which offers an opportunity to learn everything about hunting with falcons, bussards and eagles.

You can get an close look at these majestic creatures in their aviaries and marvel at their speed and agility when they are taken out for their daily free flight.

Nearby you will find Sophie’s Cave welcomes, an underground palace in a fairy-tale landscape developed here over thousands of years. Some stalagmites such as the giant “Millionaire” or flowstone draperies are up to five meters long and even one of the most intact cavebear skeletons in the world is on display.

The neighboring Celtic Village with its big fireplace and a fortified longhouse is perfect for big celebrations with a rustic atmosphere. Twice each year, the largest and most popular medieval market in northern Bavaria is held here, and exhibitors and visitors alike feel they‘ve embarked on an exciting journey through time.

Rabenstein Castle can be visited several times each day. Its beautiful ceremonial rooms are the ideal setting for weddings, other family events and company parties of all sizes, and it is also a popular site for seminars and conferences.
We enjoyed the Burgrestaurant at the evening. Following an eventful day in the mountains, the creative delights of the kitchen team was a particular enjoyment. Franconian agriculture is prepared to perfection.
Burg Rabenstein Diner

Special cultural and culinary evening events are held regularly, letting visitors enjoy this elegant atmosphere as the castle itself seems to reawaken to life. At the evening we enjoyed the huge fireplace and a nice fire. So beautiful.

Its worth it to travel through the lovely landscape of Franconian Switzerland. A beautiful experience.

Burg Rabenstein

Living in style.

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